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  1. "It also goes up to large sizes A1 etc. Windows users only I'm afraid. Download and play, see what you think." because in MacOSX it is built into the system, print to pdf is available for all apps.
  2. sounds like a quicktime vr movie, not a pdf.
  3. if they haven't used VW they probably have no idea how they can use classes, layers etc to set up drawings for projects.
  4. you can upgrade the RAM yourself, it will not void your warranty, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T BREAK ANYTHING. you can't add internal Bluetooth or Airport wireless because they require a daughtcard and antenna connections. You can add externals if you are really excited about it and can't wait. Some blogger is complaining he can't get the internal add-on done, I wouldn't expect them to be available until Apple has caught up with demand for build-to-orders. there is only one RAM slot, so you will end up with whatever it was you started out with as a leftover. Sounds like you already have a monitor? then the mini is good for you. Yes the upgrade to change platforms policy sucks doesn't it? But you will never look back< I assure you.
  5. "- slightly inferior architectural modelling capability" why do you say that?
  6. maybe you don't need 3d but you will need elevations and sections, ??????
  7. many people are still using older Macs, powerbooks, iBooks, etc. I am using a rev.1 G5 1.6Ghz with 768MB ram. works a dream. my G4 1G also works just fine, just a little longer time spent watching the virtual world unveil before me.
  8. FONTBOOK willshow you all your installed fonts. diameter symbol is a greek character, you get it by typing OPTION-O, O, you get ?, for a bigger one, shift-option-O, O for ? ! plus-minus might be a ding-bat? OOPs! this applies to Mac. I reread the question, to which this is not the answer. [ 02-24-2005, 05:40 PM: Message edited by: wv_vectorworker ]
  9. it will be a long time before the mini gets a G5. Upgrades are driven by sales, as long as mini sales are strong and Freescale can provide speedbumps . (G4 upgrade board makers are up to 1.8Ghz. now, for towers of course) G5 makes too much heat! The mini is more powerful than any Mac that predates the G5, how many thousands of people are using VW with those machines? Pretty much any G4 but the duallies. Only problem with the mini would be lack of dual monitor support, but it does support the 23" cinema display. Would that be big enough?
  10. you absolutely have to stop drawing lines! stop thinking of things as lines. think of them as what they represent, walls, beams, floors. then you will make progress.
  11. so you are ready o spend 1500$ on software but very little on training yourself? the local tech college here charges $600 for a course presented by Resolve.ca it was well worth it.
  12. I an wondering what is the speed issue everyone is talking about, a bit of lag when selecting an object to it showing up in the info box, or much more importantly, the time you wait for a render? if rendering speeds ( of Renderworks rendering) are an issue, then I would get the fastest dual processor you can afford. the faster video cards will give you faster video, gui, opengl rendering, and the like. Tiger will have some nice new imaging tech called Coreimage, you might want to read up on that.
  13. RENDERWORKS is processor dependant, opengl uses the video cards processor.
  14. Yes wow I just tried it with Japanese cut and paste from textedit, it pastes fine into a text block. MACOSX 10.3.7 in VW 10.5
  15. if you are on a Mac with OSX you could make the text in Textedit or another app and import it as an image. Tedious perhaps depending on how much text you need . . . but can be done.
  16. gee, how would those wall actually be built? does the cavity joined drawing reflect how the cavity are treated in the finished walls/building? just wondering?
  17. I have a 11MB site plan open now a scan of survey drawing, scrolling around is pretty snappy on the G5
  18. I have a 1gig G4 and a 1.6gig G5 and the g5 is definately faster at everything. the must be some other kind of factor influencing your test. How about refering to xbench, cinebench or whatever.
  19. and netschek doesn't comment on future product releases.
  20. I had some printing share problems (could not turn off printers sharing) so I wiped the drive and reinstalled my system. Much to my dismay I could not get out of VW demo mode. After searching the forums I got very frustrated before finding a suggestion By Katie to trash the VW prefs in the ~library/prefs. trashing your VWprefs and then reinstalling you will get prompted for the serial # and then all will be fine thereafter. are you are stuck in demo mode because VW does not find your dongle? did you re-install your system? did you re-install VW but not get prompted for a serial number? find your prefs in your user folder/library/ trash, empty etc. enjoy hope this helps.
  21. renderworks uses the cpu, if you are doing machine parts open gl is probably adequate . . . the latest iBook has an ATI 9200 with 32MB ram.
  22. I have done this type of work successfully in West Vancouver. We had to prove that the view over a new building from a particular balcony would not be impaired. You need to experiment a bit to get it right. Model a known set of buildings and compare your "set 3D views" produced with photos of the same existing scene. You can show that the models are accurate with this kind of comparison. As for hand drawn perspectival renderings, there is a young man in England who is able to do exactly that, he was shown on a BBC program taken on a helicopter ride over London, and then later making an accurate rendering of the city in a couple hours. About two miles square and thousands of buildings!
  23. there could be something wrong with your file. VW 11 is now multi-processor aware, you can check the online brochure. Renderworks (sounds like you are not using it) uses the cpu for rendering, not sure about Artlantis. I am using Renderworks and I am pretty impressed with the speed, with 15-30MB files. I have a 1.6 G5. There is a lot of differences between G5 tower models and imacs in the bus speeds and other internal systems, they may look comparable at a glance but . . .and higher end models need matching pairs of ram, and so on. The towers are easier to set up for multi monitors, but you can hack the imac for monitor spanning, According to somewhere on the VW site, Open GL in Panther is done by the video card, so a an up to date card will make a difference, your iBook is not upgradeable in that regard.
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