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  1. Macs are now available as dual-processor dual core ( 4 processors) and are 76% faster than previous top-end Macs. If you want to upgrade to VW12 then now is the time to consider switching platforms, as Nemetschek will allow you to switch at the time of upgrading.
  2. Sharepoints lets you do this on a client version of OSX, but a 22 person office should really be running a full version of OS X Server as you intend. www.osxhints.com www.afp548.com search Apple for, open_directory.pdf [ 10-06-2005, 01:34 PM: Message edited by: wv_vectorworker ]
  3. I don't think it will do it with VW, I think it will only work with stuff written to work specifically with Xgrid, like x11 type apps.
  4. quote: Originally posted by islandmon: Dr. Ormsby , Bugologist ... I presume ; ) takes one to know one. entirely complimentary of course!
  5. I use an iBook. you can run a hack to use an external screen, I do. I have an Acer Al1713. works a charm.
  6. are they using a Mac and you are using Windows or vice versa?
  7. not a good idea to post your home phone number on the internet . . .
  8. never a problem on my Macs of various kinds, iBook, Powermac, etc. I have seen reports that MS is npt really supporting the tablet version wholeheartedly.
  9. do a "convert copy to lines" on a complex object, then ungroup it, select all, and see how many objects in the group. I am betting it will surprise you how many lines are created.
  10. there is no advantage, or way to link them up except for file sharing. you can not presently farm out rendering. you might consider trading the iBook for a 20" screen. the powerbook will power a pretty big external monitor.
  11. would really reccomend going back to OSX, it works fine with the HP430 with the included drivers.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Just Learning: I've been using a Mac my whole life until this year. Was using a G4. Then I bought an HP Pavilion zd 8000 and have not had one problem. Not one. I bought the PC version of VW which was like $200.00 to get the PC version since I already had the Mac version. Look at all the people on this tech board having tech problems and see how many are using MAC's. Most of them. If you're going to stay with Mac, do not get an iBook. Dave I work in an office with three Pcs and I am the only mac user. The PCs constantly have problems and a PC service guy is called at $50 an hour, and sometimes takes three days to figure out the problem. Can you afford three days of downtime? The PC users know very little about their computers or how to use them, they paid hundreds of dollars for a backup system from another tech that failed after only two days. The PC users also make little effort to learn VW, basically trying to use it as an Autocad clone. they upgraded from 10.5 to 11.5, but don't use any of the new features. I got left behind, and now we can't collaborate. Of course not all PC users are like this. Please don't make sweeping unfounded statements about Macs based on who is using/contributing to the VW Forums.
  13. quote: Originally posted by Kevin: quote:Originally posted by wv_vectorworker: ...You can dual screen an iBook... Unless things have changed, the iBook will only mirror on a second monitor. So on the iBook you will simply see the same image as on the LCD. This might be usefull for presentations with a projector, but with a second monitor, I do not see the point. The PowerBook has the ability to use the second monitor as additional desktop space. hi. I said I was using my iBook with an attached 17" LCD in extended desktop mode also known as spanning whatever. http://macparts.de/ibook
  14. I couldn't imagine doing CAD work on a single screen less than 20". It will drive you nuts, especially if you have worked with a screen that size or a dual screen set-up. You absolutely need to get all the pallettes out of the way. You can dual screen an iBook. I am using a 1.33 Ghz iBook with an Acer AL1713 LCD. Yes it can be done in extended desktop mode. Google it or maybe www.macosxhints.com can help. So the external monitor feature is moot. The powerbook has 64MB of video memory so that may make a difference for rendering, and a lot of new OS goodies will rely on high-end graphics (Quartz 2D extreme, Quartz compositor) Some of these things work on the iBook. The powerbook will be a little more future proof. What you want to do will make a difference in your choice, could you elaborate on that somewhat?
  15. Adobe Reader has an dazzling array of choices in the print dialog, I think one of them is "don't scale to fit" page size. it will crop it if it doesn't fit. if you are using a MAc just Print Setup same as you are sending it to a regular printer, set for 100% . the pdf should be the same a the bounding box. print with Preview using the same Print Setup.
  16. David Pogue's "The Missing Manual" might be a good start. ""Mac OSX Power Tools" by Frakes is very good. There is so much packed into the Mac system it really deserves an effort to learn it. www.osxhints.com is also a very good site with over 7000 posted hints, FORUMS with THREADS, and many helpful regular POSTERS.
  17. and you can hook up a monitor to your (hacked) iBook to do cad.
  18. XCode 2.1 will compile apps that run on both Intel and PPC Macs. Wolframs Mathematica took something like two hours to recompile from the source code.
  19. there are lots of HP plotters supported by OSX. I print to a Designjet 430.
  20. you don't need to install anything. just use the Printer Setup Utility to choose a printer that prints what ever is appropriate for the document you want, any HP plotter will do. open your document, and open the print dialog. if your Mini is very new you probably have OSX 10.4 installed, it really helps if you tell us this at the beginning. at the bottom left corner of the dialog it there is a drop menu "PDF" look there you will see many options. choose Save as PDF. it will make a pdf that is the same as printing to the selected printer. don't use adobe drivers. use a driver/printer of an actual printer model that makes the size you want. if you want to make multiple page (or sheets) pdfs you can use Combine.pdf, get it from versiontracker.com Preview app will open the pdf on your mac. You can also use Adobe reader to view and print, it actually looks better on screen, bu they both print the same. any program that can read pdfs can read the mac produced PDFs. when you email useing MAIL click the "send windows friendly files check box in the attachments dialog. You don't need to buy any other software, certainly not the Adobe pdf maker.
  21. but does Renderworks know how to use it? it may be multi-processor aware, but I think only if they are in the same box. I have a iBook and 1.6ghz powermac with a 800mhz fsb. I am quite happy with the iBook, especially being able to take it home etc and not leave it in an potentialy unsecure place. etc. the powermac is a little bulky to haul around.
  22. sounds like the annoying lines that go with 2d locus points. look for places where two lines meet, you will probably find a 2d locus point there. delete it if you can live without it and the lines will disapear. or use the custome selection tool to find 2d locus points
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