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  1. Thanks, Jesse. Thanks Tom. I like the idea of having different saved views. Data tags keeps coming across the table everywhere I have been researching for a solution but I haven't implemented them yet. Reference layers is a neat idea because I could delete the referenced layer that doesn't apply before I send the file, keeping the overall file size efficient. I would think this would also help simplify things with lightwright integration? Originally, the idea of a script or a macro came to mind for me so that I could just have a click and play option to bring certain soft goods in and out without having to go to top/plan, click on the lighting pipe and then manually enter the values. Something where I could say, 2 legs in, half black in, screen out, ect. I would still like to explore something like that. Those values are binary for the most part (z of 60' or z of 28'). I suppose, however, if I am going to create layers for each configuration, then the convenience of having a script to move the soft goods in and out is negligible. Ya'll have given me a lot to think about. Thank you for your time and consideration!
  2. Hey Everyone, I have built a 3D model of the theater I work at. I am trying to create a file where I can extract some paperwork for advancing shows with the production manager of touring acts. I also want to pass on my VW file to touring set designers and lighting directors. First, I would like to make multiple viewports that show different configurations we commonly use our inventory in. For instance, I would like to show our comedy look, where we drop the half black, tie the soft legs in a certain position, and deploy our ground lighting package. Then I would like to show our "rock and roll" configuration, where we drop the 3/4 black and tie the soft goods farther back, and our lighting pipes on stage hang at certain heights. I'd also like to show the configuration we use for plays, where we deploy our upright booms between the soft legs.... so on and so forth. However, not only do I want to create different view ports, I want touring acts to be able to open the VW file and easily switch between these configurations. As if they could open up the file and choose "Rock and Roll" or "Theater Play" and our existing inventory will snap into place. I have thought about doing this by just creating new layers or classes that have the different configurations of the soft goods, lighting positions, and scenic elements. But 1. I would like to keep my layers/classes to a minimum so it doesn't get complicated and 2. When creating reports I'm thinking its going to count my theater's inventory 3 or 4 different time or however many configurations I set up. But, without doing the different layers or classes, I can't think of a way to make my viewports work. I was thinking maybe I could create, or someone has already created, a macro that can change the positions, ect of the inventory? But again even if I had a way to press a button and change the deployment of my inventory, how could I create multiple viewports that showed the different configurations if I don't have them assigned to different layers of classes that I can turn on or off. I would love to hear how others might have accomplished something similar to any or all of the above. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks


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