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  1. Hello M.graf, Update: Leider blockiert er mir jetzt danach sämtlichen weitern Input. In diesem Fall die Textur. Allerdings habe ich als letztes die Texturen der Objekte zusammengefasst. (weniger mögl. Variablen) Dafür ist der ganze Schrank jetzt ohne Textur. Unfortunately, he now blocks all further input from me. In this case, the texture. However, the last thing I did was summarize the textures of the objects. (less possible. Variables) For this, the whole cabinet is now without texture. Greetings Caren Jenna P.S. New File attached. 210212_CT_Test_Marionette_Cabinet 3D.vwx
  2. Hello VW-Community, I recently started working with Marionette a few weeks back. I have a bit of experience with Dynamo + Revit and so far, Marionette was quite easy to understand. Now I can't seem to get the hang of the Valve node. I created a simple Kitchen Cabinet with Countertop etc. and would like to use a Yes/No Dialog to show (or no show) the cabinet door. If I out the node where I think it belongs, the Dialog simply switches the texture on/off. But honestly, I expected the node to work to the left (not the right, as is seems). Can somebody please solve my Marionette Mystery?! Thank you in advance for your help! Caren P.S. File is attached, Input Parameters are named in German, but I grouped them visually and named them in Englisch. 210212_CT_Test_Marionette_Cabinet 3D.vwx


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