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  1. Anyone experiencing issues exporting to DWG and then importing into sketchup in VW 2021. DWG works fine when exported from VW 2020, but fails every time from VW21?
  2. I have just updated to VW 2021 update and when I look at my sections (which are flattened onto a design layer), the Slab makeups which once showed tiles, like insulation for example, are now blank/coloured if the tile has a background colour to it. Image attached showing the yellow solid where the tile should be, and the adjacent same tile in the wall which is working. The tiles still work in the wall makeups, so its not the tile itself. And some tiles work whilst others don't. Ive been fiddling round with the tiles and I notice if the tiles are replicated to the side and top/bottom, they work, whereas if the tiles are only replicated to the sides (and the top/bottom is dragged over the drawn tile), they don't work. Image attached to show what I mean within the tile. Anyone had this issue?
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