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  1. @Boh Thank you, this is a good and quick way to display the houses with the correct outline! As I suspected it will be complicated to create houses like the ones in the picture attached in vectorworks, that will have to be for smaller projects when thre is just one or two buildings that need creating. Will work more on this for upcoming projects. For now I got the houses, fences and hedges from a company specialising in creating 3D-models from map-data, and it wasn't to expensive, so for now that might be the solution over spending many hours doing it myself. Then I can rather focus my time on the sitedesign. Thank you for all the input!
  2. Yes, you understood! I do want a very basic 3-d to show how surroundings are affected by the planned project. Thank you for your input. I did end up creating massing models, I just wished there was a way to make them easily look more like the actual houses, given we have the roof lines in the correct elevation. I used to work in Civil3D before, and had a plug in that created houses in files like this "by magic" - just by the press of a button when creating the sitemodel ūüėČ, I was kinda hoping for a magic button in vectorworks as well. And I tried the texture beds, they seem to be the easy answer on the roads. I am totally confused. I need to go back to basics to understand how to get the texture to actually show. But I will get there!
  3. Thank you for the input and good resource links! No easy way to just use the 3D polygons as is, then.
  4. I have set up a site model from a map recieved in dwg-format. The map contains all exisiting roads as 3D-polylines or polygons (not closed). I have utilised these together with the contours to get a basic site model. I now want to add detail by giving the roads a different texture/color and adding exisiting houses, but can't find the easiest way to do this? Seems if I try to create a road from any of the lines it will be placed at z=0. Is there a way to combine these 3D-polys to represent the edge of the road? Or do I have to trace them, create a road with height zero and then lift to surface? The map also contains surrounding houses, shown with their roof-lines. Is there an easy way to create the houses from these roof lines? I don't need any detail on these, just plain boxes standing on the terrain would be perfect for now. Is there a way to extrude from the roof lines? Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Most of my maps are recieved in this format, so some help getting a good workflow on this would help me a lot on future projects. Hope you understand my english, it is not my native language. 3D-kart.vwx


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