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  1. Not sure if this is a Renderworks problem. Rendering in Final Quality Renderworks has slowed down to the point where it is unusable. The last picture I tried to render took 20min to render about half of it. The rendering had been working perfectly well on this file. The speed issue started when I added a layer with ~ 180 3D plants. Deleting the layer has made no difference - if I try to render a picture with more than one layer, the whole thing grinds to a halt. I get exactly the same with a Layer Link. I had a similar problem with another file, but when I removed the plant layer the speed was OK again. I've produced several VW files using lots of these 3d plants in the past (in 12.5) & never had any problems - any suggestions? pc AMD Athlon 3200+, 1.5Mb RAM, XP Home version 2002
  2. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my problem - the walls, doors & windows have worked out well. Nigel X
  3. I've just had the same problem. If you try to continue with saving the animation, ignoring the fact that it wants to save it as a .txt file, you get the message 'Tool requires plan view in Stack Layers mode', which of course doesn't make sense. This is the first solar animation I've done in 12.5 - it's always worked perfectly well in 12 & 11, so I think the problem lies with 12.5, not with Quicktime. Nigel
  4. Petri Have you had any feedback about the bug? Are there any workrounds to get rid of it? Regards Nigel
  5. I've inserted windows into a curved wall - in any 3d view the windows have these oversized 'frames' on the vertical sides on the windows that stick out from both sides of the wall. I'm using the 'use wall depth' option in the window tool. The wall is 0.2m deep. Is this a bug? (VW12.5)
  6. I have a wall that I want to model that is 4.1m high. The bottom 2.2m of the wall is made from a different type of material that the top 1.9m. I have modelled this by creating two walls, rendering them differently and stacking them one on top of the other - is this the right way to do it? The problem comes when I then try to insert a door or window into the wall at a height so that it is in both parts of the wall - if won't insert properly into both parts of the wall. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello Katie File emailed on 11/29/06. Please let me know if it arrives or not. Nigel
  8. Hello Katie I sent the file to you on 11/16 and again on 11/21 & have not heard from you yet - did you receive the emails? Nigel
  9. I'm trying to use the contour lines from imported surveys to produce 3d contours. The contours are in the form of 2d polys, but when I use the 2d polys to 3d contours command, it does not step through converting each contour. Instead, the sequence finishes after the first contour and I get the message asking me if I want to delete the 2d polys. If I start with a fresh vectorworks file and hand-draw 2d polys, the sequence works fine. If I try to do the same thing in a new layer on the VW file containing the survey data, it does not work. Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. I'm using the Stipple Tool for the first time in VW12.5, having used it before in VW12. The stipple settings don't seem to have any effect on the final stipple - it just comes out as a load of big black blobs.
  11. VW12.0.1, PC, XP, AMD athlon 3200+ When I try to open up VW, I get the message 'VW has encountered a problem & needs to close.' I reinstalled VW last week because I was getting the same problem, now it's happening again. Have experienced this same problem in an intermittent way previously - sometime it wouldn't load, then it would - no recognisable pattern. At present it won't load at all - any suggestions?
  12. VW 12.0.1, running on PC, AMD 3200+ I've gone through the process of producing a solar animation, but I can't find the .mov file that's supposed to be produced. The manual says that the movie file should be in the root of the Vectorworks folder. I've carried out a search, but can't locate the file. I can produce the other types of animation OK. Any suggestions?
  13. VW12 - PC - XP VW was crashing everytime on start up so decided to reinstall. Have gone through installation sequence disk 1, 2, 3, 1 When disk 1 is in for 2nd time & after library objects have been installed, during installation of C:\...\Temp\NNA\manifest.text I get the error message; 'An error was encountered when installing a component of VectorWorks. The installation is being aborted.' This sequence has been successfully recreated for 4 attempted installs. How can I successfully reinstall VW?
  14. Thank you islandmon - I'm afraid my expertise doesn't run to interpreting Vectorscript, but here's what it is: {Object Creation Code} Marker(0,0.444458,15); NameClass('contours'); LSByClass; PenColorByClass; LWByClass; FillPat(0); FillFore(48059,48059,48059); FillBack(48059,48059,48059); Poly( 20.367266665892018,-8.427288888402076, 18.993157893907394,-11.368289472908405, 21.280883720457247,-12.892046510710014, 22.479617020317487,-14.384297871749437, 26.382275861191726,-17.59920689605714, 29.407026314864567,-16.068684209780773, 31.006674417858402,-16.327209301469804, 31.936566036790449,-16.041471697715657 ); Suffice to say that the conversion from 2D polys to 3D contours is not working - I've tried it out on a number of imported files and always get the same problem. Can anybody help?
  15. Here's the process I've gone through: 1 Imported DWG file 2 Converted polyline contours to polygons 3 Entered relevant data in 2D polys to 3D contour dialogue box & click OK 4 When Set Elevation dialogue box appears - all contours disappear 5 Click Next button - one, seemingly random poly has been converted & I get the final dialogue box asking me if I'd like to delete the original 2D polygons. The net result is that only one 3D contour has been produced. - any suggestions?
  16. Is it possible to put objects directly onto the working plane? Everything I draw seems default to the ground plane, affected only by the Z co-ordinate value. I've produced a working plane that slopes wrt the ground plane & I want to draw a wall on the working plane - how can I do this? Thank you in anticipation.
  17. Thank you Peter - I still can't place the car on the slope. I'm getting a message that the car is a hybrid object and as such it can only be rotated about the Z-axis.
  18. I've created a sloping driveway by repositioning the working plane and creating an extruded polygon on that plane. How can I now place a car symbol on the slope I've created, please?
  19. Thank you Peter - I've sorted it. Not used the Workspace Editor before, so that's something new I've learned! Thanks --------------------- Nigel Hallam Garden Design ---------------------
  20. I've just installed VW12 (Landmark & Renderworks). I've been looking for the Align Layer Views command, which has been replaced by the Stack Layers command, to be found in the View menu. However no such command exists in my View menu. Any suggestions?
  21. I've created a road using the road tool, but don't seem to be able to render it using Renderworks. All that that the manual says is that I can use the Attributes palette to add a solid colour fill to the road. Can anyone help please?
  22. All of the layers in a VW file, apart from the last one that I worked on have become uneditable. I can't select any objects within them. Is there some sort of protection thet I've switched on accidentally?
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