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  1. Please consider the following in future editions: 1. escape key to cancel current action/command. 2. Active Sheet recognition (simple check mark next to active sheet??) 3. Dynamic Zoom (some projects are larger than the screen size) 4. shortcut to hide command (in lieu of: organize-custom vis.-criteria selection method) 5. show-all short cut (in lieu of creating a sheet with everything visible). Let me know what you think. thanks for the forum. craig
  2. Hi... Is there a way to map colors to lineweight after a file has been imported? I understand you can modify in Classes, I was wondering if there was a way to get back to the dialog box that shows up when importing DXF files. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Craig
  3. Me again...(VW newbie) When importing a DXF file for the first time in VW, a dialog box appears for setting up text font translation. Is there a way to get back to this dialog box? Thanks. Craig
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