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  1. A tool designed to assign Dimmers and Channels to lighting fixtures by entering a starting Dimmer or Channel number and clicking on each fixture in what ever order you would like!
  2. I would like to see a hang angle option for circular truss. It is possible to put the truss on a 90 degree angle, but it's not a fun process!
  3. I have to say my favorite keystroke in Vectorworks would have to be ctrl-z!
  4. Hey Kristen, I figured out part of my problem. I had 421 symbols all looking the same with one group in the lot. So I ungrouped the group and replaced the symbols. It would be nice to have a find and modify symbol tool though! Thanks, Geoff
  5. I was wondering if there is any such thing as a replace symbol tool. I know there is a find and modify tool in Spotlight for lighting instruments, but is there a tool for normal symbols? If not it would be nice to have a drop down menu just for symbols. I know there is a single replace symbol tool for one selected symbol. I am trying to find a tool that will replace multi selected symbols, Thanks, [ 04-02-2004, 03:10 PM: Message edited by: GeoffreyPlatt ]


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