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  1. Hello I'm on windows, VWX 24, I'm looking for the tea pot SVG I can't find them, any idea ? Thanks!!!
  2. yes some more, is it possible to rotate screen in x plan ? for example to make a square at 45° like a diamond ? and also the hability to remove panels to draw like step and whats about curved screen ? thanks !
  3. hello so no difference between your plugins and the vector once ( about what i m asking) It s important to know the screen full resolution , but in fact you have a limited number of pixel available by processor output , and its good to know the output one is from 0,0 to 1920, 208 and second from 0,209 to 1920, 416 , for example, even if the screen is split . Im asking something else , is it possible to change the number of the first pixel, if it is, it could be a solution for split screen 🙂
  4. hello , i ve a question about landru video tools ( not sure to be at the right place) is possible to count the pixel in order to draw a pixel map via datavisualization ? to assign led panel of a same screen to different classes ? thanx
  5. here a sample test file, There was some display bug, so I save it , close it and open it back, and no display bug but no more power consumption displayed, they was just before close it ... I don't understand why ... test distri elec.vwx
  6. Hello it's me 🙂 another question/ remark about power planing and datatags (may it will interest @Pat Stanford) When I put a consumer part in a symbol, if 'i'm not wrong, I need insert the symbol with the distributor tool, and the the symbol is a dsitributor with consumer inside So now I would use a datatag to show the power consumption of that symbol, but I can't use the record "electrical consumer" because it is a distributor, and in a the distributor field record, I can't find the consumption one ... If i put a consumer directly on the drawing, I can use the "electrical consumer"in datatag , but as soon as it is in a symbol, I can't . may I'm wrong or may it is a way to "tag" the consumption in other way ? thank you
  7. Hello I've a question about 3 phases consumer i've a 3phases 36kw consumer but il device graph only L is loaded, and only half loaded : 18kw Why ? Here is the test in an empty file (copy paste generator and consumer from one file to the blank one ...) the consumer is 12kw on L1 and L2 (but 36kw at all) And the generator is correctly loaded ... thank you
  8. don't worry your English is good enough for a french guy like me 🙂 merci pour ta réponse tthanks for your answer 😉 )
  9. Also as you can see in the attached video, when I select multi distri and change the symbol, it change only the last selected And some times it put the both consumption, I've to close and open back to only view one consumption and when I insert distro with the tool, the 2d geom 2023-08-07 17-42-00.mp4 2023-08-07 17-45-23.mp4 etry isn't imported, when I change the label class, it is ...
  10. hello what is the process to automatically have the distributor ID in the right class ? I only find a way to do it after inserted it ... is, as for lighting anr rigging, a setting to set somewhere ? thanks
  11. Thanks, it works, I thinks that setting will solved other problem too 😉 So I saved my template with "make all attributes by class" checked Edit : Is it possible to have a shortcut to "Make all attributes by class"
  12. Hello I 've a problem with color All my cable have a specific class, with different color assign to it and use at creation is checked... But when when in a new file , after cable folder imported When I draw, all the new cable are in black, I've to change class for it take the right color or uncheck and chek bac the use at creation ... is it a know problem ? thanks ! 2023-08-03 18-49-02.mp4
  13. Hello I'm working on a file from a colleague I click on the Use layer colors button , but nothing appends. So I open an empty file , copy and paste stuff from the other file, and the Use layer colors works... So go back in the colleague file , document preferences And the use layer colors (and black and white option too) option are grey . I suppose that an option is checked somewhere, but I can't find it ... any idea ? thanks
  14. Sorry, it works with type is truss type, but it don't works with truss record is present ...
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