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  1. Hello thanks for answer me ;) Ok that a bit stange workflow, but that "works" I arrive to use gdtf geometry , but VWX crashed twice during test ... Hop Gdtf import will be optimized ;)
  2. Hello I tried to import gtdf, but I only have a 2 symbol, without 3d geometry, where I'm wrong ? thanks
  3. thats a good question 😉 I bought connectcad in order to dont have to make the job twice ...if I but stuff with socket (computer, device,screen speaker, amplifier...) in my drawing, I would retrieve it on connectcad schematic , and make the connection in it , and print report and schematic plot ... Yes that's what I see... 😞 so this is not usefeul and the links in the report aren't hyperlinks but just url ... So Ill try to export it as excel , insert the hyperlink, and import it back , but If I understand well, because there is no link between the hyperlinc and the object, next time I add it in a plot, the link wont be add... So I ll try and come back 🙂 thanks!
  4. Hello ? I'm new in vwx and connectcad . I'm looking for something similar, (I wanna give the pdf schematic and worksheet to the commercial team and they just have to click on link to find the device ;) ) So I tried with the hyperlink tools , that works well, but How can I have that link in my worksheet ? thanks guys


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