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  1. any one else out there having half of the info drop off upon PDF conversion? NNA any fixes for this? carpalmer
  2. lowered to 150, now get graphics, but none of my VP annotations...! carpalmer
  4. Recently having inconsistent results when exporting to PDF's. This is critical since I send my files to plotter in this format. When exporting sometimes get partial drawings or blank pages, as a "plan b" I use Primo PDF and usually get complete PDF, but lately this last method is not working. I've downloaded SP3 and still getting partial drawings with the export PDF command. Anyone have any input / solutions to this annoyance? Thx carpalmer
  5. exporting drawing (site plan) that has lots of curves and circles and when I open in ACAD 06 the curves come out really faceted, like crude octagons... I've adjusted my "WMF EXPORT" to 300, but that didn't do anything (don't know what it does)... any suggestions?! thx carpalmer
  6. carpalmer

    Shade 8

    Anyone using this software for improved renderings? Would be interested in comments and compatibility with VW Thanks, Carpalmer
  7. Anyone using this software for improved renderings? Would be interested in comments and compatibility with VW Thanks, Carpalmer
  8. how do I add fonts in XP platform? Thx carpalmer
  9. great, thanks Peter! how do you get them into VW? carpalmer
  10. looking for a "hand-written" look to go with Sketch mode maybe VW already has some, but no time to go through all fonts... please advise, thx carpalmer
  11. Duplicate post Please see other post for response
  12. have viewport set up but background hidden line won't sketch, and yes, I have the "sketch hidden line" option checked... only thing that appears sketchy is VP crop outline,drawing is all "straight" what's up?! thx Carpalmer / VW 12 / XP
  13. yes, and Italics still don't work! looks fine on monitor but wont export to PDF or print in Italics (exports / prints plain font)... posted this way back...and waiting for NNA to fix
  14. working on a line drawing perspective (hidden line) and want to show the lines of a wooden floor, what's the best way to get them in the perspective without actually drawing each one as a 3d poly? Is there a way to have a hatch work in 3d? thx carpalmer
  15. i get lots of lines all over the place when I import, I know I need to turn something off, but can't remember what?! Pls advise thx carpalmer
  16. is this a bug too? pls review and respond thx carpalmer
  17. yes, I tried ALL VW print options image is JPEG, 2095KB, printer is EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 1270 prints fine in VW 12.5.1... Katie, pls address my other postings re Call Out Tool and Italics thx carpalmer XP Pro
  18. Katie: I've tried a couple of fonts Arial, Arial Black, and others tech support replicated this problem: on screen Italics are fine, but when I print or export to PDF i get plain font. What next? thx carpalmer XP PRO
  19. NNA: need you to look into this tried ALL VW print options with no luck, actually got to print a distorted pixelated UNUSABLE image using rasterized option and screen resolution option sheet is at 300 dpi thx carpalmer
  20. shoulder length does not work... and marker "none" option is gone!!! frustrated carpalmer vw 2008 / sp1 XP
  21. VW 2008 / SP 1 scanned a survey, imported as a jpeg, created a VP, I can see it in my monitor, but the jpeg image prints blank (only annotations I've added print). Pls advise
  22. Apparently Italics bug didn't get fixed?! NNA please confirm, and let us know when we can use Italics again... Pdf exports and printing turns font back to non-italic. My Office's logo has Italics! VW 2008 / SP1 XP
  23. I don't think its hw related, i have about 7 crashes a day, freezes waiting for cursor to "catch-up" with mouse, etc. double clicking on a symbol usually freezes screen... XP Pro
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