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  1. Just off the phone from HP. This solved my problem. Go to "Printers/Faxes" and right click. Select Printing preferences. Click the "About" button. Hold down the F8 key and clilck OK..UNCHECK THE "16 ENABLE SPOOL SMART". I'm happily printing Arch C and D sizes !! PS Make sure the single sheets are loaded correctly (aligned with the right edge)
  2. Trying to set printing in VW 10.5.1, in XP on the DJ 100. To print a arch c (18x24), which in the correct selection under PAGE, Set print area? (One page, Arch C, Other??) Under FILE, Print setup, again which setting is proper? (Custom 18x24 seems to be the closest). Then under Print range, which setting is proper (All, Pages...to.., Current view)? I've set the HP to manual feed (auto should work also) I have the latest HP drivers and can print from the cassette paper tray (11x17), but can't seem to get dialed in on the larger single sheet sizes. Thanks for you help
  3. I've read the problems with the DJ 120 and 120nr with Macs. I'm considering purchasing the DJ 100 for use w/ VW 10.5.1 or VW Architect 9.5 on a Windows (XP home) box. I would appreciate any known printing problems using this setup.


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