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  1. Hay everyone, i have some issues with placing fixture on a vertical truss, and it's something new because i did not had that problem before. When i came to a vertical truss from a front view withe a lighting fixture and place it on the truss' the truss was painted purple and than all i needed to do is make the second click for the alignment. now all i get is the red line like i am on a horizontal truss and the fixture is hang inside the truss. i hope someone can help me to get to the right setting.
  2. i have a question about the instrument summery tool (symbol key) in vectorworks spotlight. when i'm using the "data visualization tool" i can color the fixture very fast and very nice, but when i go to make the symbol key the color of the fixture is not shown, instead there is a list with color square and the name from the "data visualization tool". is there a way to make the fixture symbol in the symbol key list with the color from the "data visualization tool"?
  3. hi can anyone tell me why there are no HD truss in the eurotruss library, only FD truss. in the company i'm working there are only HD truss and every time i need to change the weight of the truss so it will give me the right weight of all the truss system. thank's
  4. but i saw a plan from 2019 and on the plan it was the symbol from picture 1
  5. hi, i am a new user and i saw this hoist symbol in picture1, but i can't find it, i can only see the symbol in picture 2.... thanks for any help picture 1 picture 2
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