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  1. Hi I keep getting this issue where after I create a symbol, and then click into the symbol, it's been rescaled. So for example, if I copy and paste something into the symbol, the objects pasted suddenly appear extremely large! Or if i then copy and paste the symbol created into a different file, the symbol suddenly appears much larger. I have checked the scale of the two different layers in both files and they are the same. Could someone help me please! It's been a pain trying to create a resource file with all my 2d symbols for doors, stairs, balustrade to then copy back into my internal elevations file! Hope that makes sense. Happy to send more info! Would appreciate anyones help!
  2. Ah I seeeee. I have architect-BIM and Architect. I think that's the answer. Thank you. I assume I'd have to purchase this.
  3. Hi @markdd, good question. I don't think so? When I go to workspaces. I don't have the spotlight workspace option. Do you know how I can activate it? Thanks for replying!
  4. Hi Could someone help me. I have been trying to find my entertainment toolsets but it does not exist. Whenever I go to customize my tool sets, the entertainment section is no where to be seen. Also when I try to draw a polyine and create objects from shapes, there is also no option to select the soft goods. Could someone help or offer ay advice please. Thank you!
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