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  1. Hi Pat, Thank you for your response. What you propose works if one is very happy with the graphics etc.. However, in most cases we want to manipulate the import since some of the graphics often does not work. Or we want to use portions of it as lines and combine it with the real VW drawing/file etc.. We had countless situation where we would have needed to do what Jeff and I were describing. Also even when export into a separate file and only x-referenced into the main file, e.g. like with a view port reference, we find we have to remove symbols, since they can give problems or make the main file unstable. Also almost all the time we have to change the line colors if we get files from other consultants. In the enormous time pressure we are mostly under often we do not have the time to wait till the consultants react to our request and re-export their files, or they tell us that they do not have the time and resources to change the colors etc.. These are the realities of life when working with a whole army of different consultants on large projects as we do. So often we have to do it from our end in a great rush. Now here with the colors we encounter the same problem: VW does not let me change the colors in one go if the lines are assigned to a class style.
  2. We encounter this problem in our office all the time. When we get like drawings exported as dwg from Revit it comes with thousands of classes and symbols and all line weights are set by class style. All methods you have suggested in this thread so far would be way too time consuming. We need to get rid of all the symbols and classes and assign them to one class to import into the VW drawing e.g. as a flat background. However the only way to do this currently makes you loose all the line weights and graphics. What I would like to do is once all symbols are converted to lines to pick them all up and have an option to de-select class style but at the same time keep their line weights and maybe line stiles too. To our utter frustration it seems currently VW does not offer this as an option. I wonder why this was never addressed since this is a problem since many years? Anyone here who has a one or two step solution where you can pick up all elements at the same time?


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