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  1. 2021 and still the problem persist, at least in our work. Has anyone found out any solutions thus far for the problem at hand?
  2. I followed your instructions (one way which I had already tried) and managed to get out the wanted solution. BUT now I notice that the difference was that I was trying to save that Landscape Area with these settings to my Favorites and THEN when I tried to create a landscape area from that "template" it has the default of the tag as "none", even though I saved it with different settings. Well after the insertion I don't have to do anything else than go and check the settings for the tag to appear and it works with that one and the next ones which I create from that template. Still needs that tweak though. Thank you once again Tamsin and have a great day!
  3. Hello once again, since I'm again faced with a similar problem. This time with Landscape-areas. I managed to do the correct settings through single-plant placement, so the tag is always the same way. I tried, if this worked for a landscape area, that I created and it did not. Now I have played countless times with this problems solutions through different classes and settings of these classes and saved landscape areas but nothing seems to work. So my problem exactly: when I insert a single plant, my plant tag is correctly inserted, as the way I wanted it to be. When I insert a landscape area, which I have already defined and saved with correct class attributes, the font size is wrong, as a way "default" and I have to correct this every time. I just can't find the way to make this work after one hour of shuffling through the same procedures and setting changes of classes and everything. Any ideas? Thanks again for any help!
  4. Thank you! Understood, I was looking for the text formatting in the wrong place. And the tag positioning tip as being the default settings already on my custom templates, very valuable, thank you.
  5. I've been trying to set my own plant database lately and now I'm at the point of trying to set these settings so, that my tags would be automatically set the right way I'd want them to be. And the process seems very frustrating. Few questions, if you'd manage to answer them: First of all, can I somehow change the size of the tag/font? This is very frustrating as at the moment I'm working on a document set so, that the tags are way too big for the visualization. Only way I found out how to do this, was by creating a new class for the tag and selected "use at creation" and then selected text style from a very narrow list of options. The smallest font was 10pt and that is still way too big. Secondly, I'd like the tag not to have any fill, only the letters. Then I thought, that with the class style I'd be able to do this as well! Well, I changed the class style as wanted and for a moment it worked out on an individual plant. Later on, I added another of the same plant and it still had a fill. I double-checked to see, that the tag is still assigned to it's class, which I already edited for my purposes. Checked also the class-style and "use at creation" is on and also so, that there should be no fill. Extremely frustrating! Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
  6. Hello! This has been a nice topic and just what I needed. Could you share your workgroup library with me bgoff? Would be much appreciated!
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