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  1. This is happening to me too. I've deleted my user preferences file, reinstalled vectorworks and it's still happening!


    Also when i press cmd-Z I lose all my work up to when i opened the file! This has lost me hours of work as teh backups are not always working either!!

  2. I am experiencing the following issues:

    - Computer completely crashes with no warning

    - Data doesn't appear in the Object info box after clicking on items in my drawing, unless I click on the layer in design layers, then it stays showing that initial object info even when I click on other items.

    - I have autosave on every 10 minutes but sometimes when I press control Z it takes me back to the version of my drawing as it was when I originally opened it- I then need to open the backup file and restore from that as the most current.


    Any help appreciated, its driving me mad!



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