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  1. quote: Originally posted by Archken: On the Macintosh there are some Chooser-level utilities, the best of which I think is PrintToPDF, a downloadable shareware item On the PC side there's 5D PDF Writer, which (last time that I checked) could be downloaded free from www.ctrl-p.com (if this isn't the correct address email me off-forum and I'll dig it up). You have to register it but it's the best **free** way to write to a PDF file. There are specific ways to get it to print correctly - again email me off-forum if you need it. Good luck! Alan T. Hendry Architect Clovis, CA EMail : athendry@altavista.com
  2. No simple way - it must be done at the Acad level through the use of either inserting the details (or plan or ....) as what Acad calls a "block" (it's actually a separate drawing) or xref'd in (an xref stands for eXternal REFerence, which is a separate drawing as well). This is not for the "Acad-challenged" - as it does require some forethought and planning. If you would like me to give you a hand on these please email me off-forum. Alan T. Hendry Architect Clovis, California Email : athendry@altavista.com
  3. Jonathon - Here's the info on the PDF writer: You can download 5D PDF Creator for free from www.ctrlp.com. All you do is join up, and login, goto free downloads and there it is, ready for you to get. You do have to also request the software Key to install it but it is sent via email very quickly (like seconds!). It does all the Metric sheet sizes as well as Imperial up as far as A0 extra. It is amazing what you can find when you try. HTH Alan
  4. Jonathon - We use VW on PC's and this is one of my big gripes about VW - there is no "Print-to-Fit" available. You can only achieve this through the printer driver **IF** it allows it (and so far only our big HP 1055CM allows it). What I have found (through the IntelliCAD forum) is a free (yes, free!) PDF writer that you can "print" to from VW, then can open Adobe's Acrobat Reader and print the page to any size that you wish. It's a pain to have this extra step but due to VW's refusal to include this **ESSENTIAL** feature within the print/plot module it's the only way. :-( I'll have to get the http address and post it separately. Good Luck! Alan T. Hendry Architect Clovis, California Email : athendry@altavista.com
  5. Luc - I have found that (at least in Windoze) there is a 256 font limit (within your Fonts subdirectory). If you are trying to map a font above this "magic number" it will default to another one (I don't know which one). Alan T. Hendry Architect
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