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  1. Wow... bcd, this helped. Thank you so much for your quick reply to my post!
  2. Unfortunately, I started facing the VW2021 crashing issue... I was using the VW2021 for a while after I updated from 2020. But from a certain point, it started crashing on its launch. I don't recall anything significant change in security apps or anything. This issue started on the previous OS, Mojave and I recently updated to Mac OS Big Sur. This OS update didn't solve the problem and uninstalling/reinstalling VW2021 didn't change the situation either. I can still use VW2020 but I need to access VW2021 to get back on the projects I create to move forward. I have sent 3 times to tech support email, which I have never received replies to. How does everyone deal with the issues with VW? I'd appreciate it if you could give me any clue what may be the causes and what I should look at to fix this crashing issue. Thanks!
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