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  1. Thank you Vectorworks for amazing courses at Vectorworks University. The course I want to mention is - SITE DESIGN. This course is very useful for site design - it combines plans basic, hardscape, and terrain design. It would be helpful if download link for course exercise files is provided.
  2. Thanks @Pat Stanford and @Jesse Cogswell for the reference.
  3. Searching for authentic Vectorworks Scripts reference material in Python or Pascal. Need help.
  4. I was wondering if could get to know a source for Vectorworks Architectural Workflows. It will help me.
  5. After passing VECTORWORKS 2021 CORE ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION exam and taking CORE skill courses. I feel the need for PDFs. This will new users to learn better. Vectorworks training team please note. I want to thank Vectorworks for the support I received while learning Vectorworks.
  6. Dear michaelk, Tried it. But not working. May be some problem with website.
  7. Enrolled for VECTORWORKS 2021 CORE ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION. Hillside Residence: Sample Project on Vectorworks University is mentioned but no link is provided. Couldn't find on Vectorworks University either. LINK TO DOWNLOAD IS NEEDED.
  8. OpenGL background is shown in grey even after applying white background. Please tell me how to correct.
  9. Somebody please tell me how to change OpenGL background. I tried by Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences > Interactive >Interactive Appearance Settings But that does not work.
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