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  1. My name Rajendra Deshpande. I am a civil engineer having an experience of 35+ years in the infrastructure industry. My brief CV is attached herewith. I have used Vectorworks Designer one year back on educational license. I do not have subscription for any of Vectorworks packages at present. I am a technical writer and I want to write a book on Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Landmark. For that reason, I have asked only one question to Vectorworks Help, Do I need to buy a software in order to write a book? If yes. tell me so. More than six months, I am trying to get answer to my question. I tried to contact various forums; I got the same automated reply, and Vectorworks didn't reply. What type of communication is this? Somebody, having the rich BIM experience, is begging ti Vectorworks for writing a book. I can't believe that this is happening with Vectorworks. Rajendra Deshpande rajendra.deshpandehyd@gmail.com CV Rajendra Deshpande 2022 PDF.pdf
  2. First of all, let us thank Mr. Biplab Sarkar, Rubina Siddiqui, and Steve Johnson for a very inspiring keynote speeches. They are a very good example of focused and touching base to important subjects. Starting with keynote speeches, Design Summit2021 was an exceptional experience in pandemic times. Credit goes to the the team Vectorworks for making it a grand success. Team Vectorwoks has shown by example - What is DESIGN WITHOUT LIMITS. Now, the Summit have came to an end, let's speak little bit of how we make ourself reaching to beyond the peaks. First thing First: Trainings & Certification Vectorworks has huge collection of online training and workflows. But they need to be organized according to specific subjects. For example - Architecture and Architecture-BIM. Vectorworks is truly BIM software. BIM capabilities of Vectorworks needs to be emphasized more definitively. For knowing more on this subject contact me on my mail ID rajendra.deshpandehyd@gmail.com OR by phone +919820812752 (I prefer mails as speaking is a problem) Landmark need more trainings for site modeling. Only seminars doesn't serve the purpose. Another area which needs immediate attention is - CERTIFICATION Certifications are of vital importance to the professionals. Vectorworks just started on that path, but just the start! Long way to go forward. Vectorworks should seriously about it. Thanks Team Vectorworks once again.
  3. I installed Vectorworks2022 on my laptop running Windows 11. I found that libraries when fully installed, take around 25 Gb space on C drive where I installed VW2022. Anybody knows - How to install libraries on D drive keeping VW on C drive? This is very important aspect from memory management view.
  4. Thank you Vectorworks for amazing courses at Vectorworks University. The course I want to mention is - SITE DESIGN. This course is very useful for site design - it combines plans basic, hardscape, and terrain design. It would be helpful if download link for course exercise files is provided.
  5. Thanks @Pat Stanford and @Jesse Cogswell for the reference.
  6. Searching for authentic Vectorworks Scripts reference material in Python or Pascal. Need help.
  7. I was wondering if could get to know a source for Vectorworks Architectural Workflows. It will help me.
  8. After passing VECTORWORKS 2021 CORE ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION exam and taking CORE skill courses. I feel the need for PDFs. This will new users to learn better. Vectorworks training team please note. I want to thank Vectorworks for the support I received while learning Vectorworks.
  9. Dear michaelk, Tried it. But not working. May be some problem with website.
  10. Enrolled for VECTORWORKS 2021 CORE ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION. Hillside Residence: Sample Project on Vectorworks University is mentioned but no link is provided. Couldn't find on Vectorworks University either. LINK TO DOWNLOAD IS NEEDED.
  11. OpenGL background is shown in grey even after applying white background. Please tell me how to correct.
  12. Somebody please tell me how to change OpenGL background. I tried by Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences > Interactive >Interactive Appearance Settings But that does not work.
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