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  1. Susanna


    I am using Vectorworks 21 Regularly by which I mean at least every half an hour Vectorworks crashes and the whole thing disappears in front of my eyes I have emailed technical support but no one has got back to me - can anyone offer any ideas? It is driving me crazy!!!!
  2. I am doing a planting design and when I put the tags on they are blank and I cannot work out why.......????
  3. thank you for your help Pat I didn't hear from Tamsin but I think I have figured it out kind regards
  4. when using preformatted report I see there is an option for Plant list types which puts the plant list into categories of trees, shrubs etc at what point / how do I assign my plants into these categories? is it when I create the plants? if so where / how?....
  5. thank you so, so much! that has done it. Genius!
  6. thank you so much for your answer - do I need to create a custom report rather than a preformatted report to do this?
  7. I am creating a plant report and the total numbers on the report include plants for a layer that is switched off... do I need to delete this other layer or is there a way to only show the number of plants in the active layer?
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