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  1. I double-click to enter a text object, my cursor appears at the last line of the text object, but when I click where I want my text cursor, the text cursor just sits, blinking at me, at the bottom of the text object. I can move the text cursor with keyboard, but not mouse. Restarting vectorworks usually (always?) fixes it, but it happens a few times a day, and sometimes it's a few minutes between occurances, so it's annoying enough that I thought I should seek some assistance from you fine folks. Am I doing something wrong? The problem *may* have something to do with text objects that have a blank line at the bottom, but haven't confirmed this. It seems that, even on a good day, I can't place my cursor on that last line - I must always navigate it with the keyboard. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
  2. I completely agree with this request, but I'm trying to find a workaround. Sounds like changing document units to decimal feet may do the trick. I'm a VWX novice, can anyone (@ericjhberg, @lgoodkind , vwx staff) let me know what unexpected trouble implementing this workaround might result in? UPDATE: Unexpected trouble so far has included: all dimensions will now appear in decimal feet. The only workaround seems to be turning on dual dimensions (settings changes in both Document Units, Document Prefs).
  3. Trying to summarize here, with a question in bold & underlined: Plant Databases pros: share-able via Workgroup folder functionality (see image A) more powerful mobile friendly via filemaker mobile app Plant Database cons: discouraged by VWX documentation, may be discontinued at some point? slower only one user can access at once (VWX forum post, 2019) Plant Catalogs pros: quicker and endorsed by VWX documentation Plant Catalog cons: appear to be single-user only, and not suitable for multi-user offices (see image B). @bgoff or any other VWX staff: is this really a limitation or am I overlooking something? Must multi-user offices use the Plant Database, or is there some way to point to a shared Plant Catalog? IMAGE A: IMAGE B:
  4. Yes, the copy in place + eyedropper w/ viewport classes & layers method definitely works. I was hoping for a less tedious solution. My current workflow: On 1st sheet: Set viewport crop, scale, drawing label position, viewport-on-page position for one viewport. Copy Viewport Navigate to 2nd sheet Move exst. viewport off to the side Paste viewport in place Use eyedropper to pick up all viewport properties from exst viewport and drop onto new viewport Rename and renumber new viewport Delete old viewport Repeat for all sheets Desired workflow: Set viewport crop, scale, etc. on 1st sheet. Use eyedropper to pick up crop, scale, dwg label position, viewport-on-page position Use eyedropper to drop properties on all applicable viewports Maybe someone knows an improvement on my existing workflow, or a way to implement the desired workflow? Thanks for any thoughts.
  5. Anyone have an update in the past few years? I'm trying to update each of the main plans on my Hardscape, Planting, Lighting, etc. plans. It seems to me that one simple solution (though it would require implementation from Vectorworks Staff) would be the eyedropper being able to pick up/ apply viewport position (in relation to page origin), drawing scale, drawing label location, viewport crop (size and loc), and nothing else. Maybe there's a way to script this? Or has anyone developed a workaround? Thanks for your thoughts,
  6. Thanks Pat, you got me most of the way there. In the end, the piece I was missing was layer stacking order. My conclusions: Stacking order determines which records are preserved. Ensure that the object you want to preserve is on the bottom. Layers and layer order matter, if the object you want to preserve is on a layer who's stacking order is above the other object, it doesn't matter what the object's stacking order is, the layer stacking order will control.
  7. 3 years later, is there a solution to this? Still a pain 😞
  8. Is it possible to compose 2 objects while preserving attached records? Current behavior - Open Polygon (A) has record attached - Line is drawn to close polygon - Compose command is used to create a closed polygon (B) - Record is lost. Polygon B has no records. This question also applies to other types of object combination & transformation. VWX Help Compose help topic does not mention records. Thanks for any help you can provide! Steven VWX2021
  9. Is there a way to 'recalculate all worksheets' without double-clicking into a worksheet? Ideally it's a menu command that can be accessed via the 'Search Vectorworks' pseudo-command-line? Thanks in advance!
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