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    Dormer wall face offset

    Rick: Have you tried setting the 'building line offset' to 0 inches? I just tested it and it positioned the wall on the exterior edge of the wall below.
  2. marioscappino

    Design Layers in 3D View

    If you use 'layer links' as described in the user guide, it will give you the results you are looking for.
  3. marioscappino

    HP Designjet 130nr page orientation

    I like the plotter so far, but we haven't used it much. like any new peripheral it just took some time to integrate it to our office.
  4. marioscappino

    HP Designjet 130nr page orientation

    Thanks Katie. Works great and it's a lot cheaper than HP's solution. "Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard?s Customer Care Center for Macintosh. We received your inquiry regarding your 130 printer. The 130 driver that ships in the box with the printer does not contain a "rotate" command allowing you to rotate the image prior to printing. By default the printer will always print short edge out first. There is an optional RIP software available for the Designjet 130 that does have a "rotate" feature. The RIP software retails for $355.00.
  5. marioscappino

    HP Designjet 130nr page orientation

    i'm have a problem with the orientation of my C size prints. they always print so that they waste paper and make me have to trim them. i've looked all over and so far i can not find any answers as to how to rotate the page in VectorWorks or via the printer. thanks mario BuildSense, Inc.
  6. marioscappino

    Problem with Texture libraries

    i'm not sure about the symbols not appearing in your resource browser but as far as the rendered drawing coming up white or grey. it sounds like you have not applied any lighting to your document. i.e. the layer ambient or sun position.


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