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  1. I just overlay my main polygon over my polygons to trim and I use modify , trim... I am new to vector works to if this is not the way please guide me !
  2. Hi guys , Anyone knows why when I trim a series of polygon under a special shaped polygon some of them trim perfectly as you can see at the top of my picture and some of them dont as you can see at the bottom my picture . Is there a way to fix this ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Savhana

    creat pavers

    This is amazing and will help a lot ! thanks you so much !
  4. Savhana

    creat pavers

    Hey guys ! I was wondering if anyone knows how to create create a random pavement arrangement (only the color will differ ) with the marionette tool , ive been trying to figure it out for a few days but i cant seem to understand how the whole thing works ! Anything will help ! thanks in advance
  5. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to generate a pavement pattern with the marionette tool ? or just some tips will do also ! thank you !
  6. Hi guys ! Im having issues with vector works extrude command ! When i extrude my 2d polygons , i have 2 colors showing , my polygons are closed and i only have one set of lines and my color is set to my polygon class ... can someone help please :)


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