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  1. Hi, VW 11.5+render, Win XP SP2 Iwm used to work with view sheets (not the viewport) in order to create later a batch job for rendering. For some reason, since 11.5 installed, the views sometimes works fine, and sometimes not responding. Even if all was created at the same time, it happen that some of them responds and some not (new files only). Any suggestions?
  2. Ok, i finally mannaged !!! That's the thing: First of all, after restoring, i had a clean computer with no updates from Microsoft (but including the SP2), no "new" aladdin drivers etc. I unistalled version 10.5 and unplugged both dongles (VW and freehend). After restart i installed the 11.5, and after another restart i plugged the dongle. Now it recognize it and working !! So, i plugged the other dongle, and it's workig too. Hip hip herey...... :-))) Tami
  3. Hi, I read all the comments in this issue, but i guess my problem is a little different... Win XP SP2. Until now i was working with VW 10.5 with dongle. I also have installed Freehand MX with dongle. Both softwares are working smoothly together. I tried to install VW 11.5. The distributur explained that there is no change in the dongle. Suprisingly, the VW11 didn't recognize the dongle (requests an upgrade), and after uninstalling and returning to VW10, the dongle is unecognized at all. I tried installing all the drivers you suggested in previous discussions, but no use. I had no choice but restore my system so i can at least work with the VW10.... I understand that there might be a crash between the 2 dongles, but if it worked ok before, why should it crash now? Wishing for your advice...
  4. Hi, I'm looking for instructions on how to make good lighting (mostly interior). It always takes me hours of trying and maybe there are some rules.... It's hard to control the beams... Thanks, Tami
  5. Hi, Ok. I updated the driver, and it still crashes. Is it possible to send you a file to see if it crashes at your system too? Thanks, Tami
  6. Hi, I'm working on VW10.5, W2000. Lately i have this strange textures behaviour - any texture i apply seems ok on the edit maping window but when i render it seems flipped either horizontally or vertically or both. It doesn't matter if the object was created in a top view or any elevation view. It works fine on walls. any suggestions? Thanks, Tami Israel
  7. Hi, I have the newest version of vw10.5+render, working on W2000 (updated to service pack 4 - but still having the same problems), AMD, 512 ram and everything that is requires for good 3d work. I started having run time errors from the beginning,after few hours of work, but that was it and after re-opening the software it was fine. Now it's worse ! it crashes all the time, usually when i try to edit textures or symbols or during rendering. Some times i can't even restart the software and must restart the computer. I even did a "ghost" to the time the computer was new - didn't help. It happens with or without other programs running. Any suggestions??? Thanks, Tami Tel Aviv, Israel
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