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  1. We created special windows to use as a geometry. Is there a way to convert this symbol into a flexible 2D/3D object so we can change the overall length or height? Converting to symbol-group does not work in window geometry. The issue here is that the window tool does not contain enough 2D capabilities, and we always need to enter so many annotations to edit them.... (unlike the stair tool).
  2. Thanks Pat, I see it is more complicated then i realized... I'm not sure there is any one here in Israel that is familiar with VS. I guess the easiest solution for now will be keep working with symbols and data to create reports.
  3. Hi Pat, We have different types of profiles - the PIO parameters should include popup menus like: type of profile shape height adjustment -> that is the main issue. It must be adjustable. price: per unit/per meter different panels: straight, curved, different heights finish type price: per unit/per meter To those we attach a record and then create quotation. In the plugin editor i entered most of the data, including definitions of menu types. But what is the next step? Thanks
  4. We work with specific items that we want to build as 2d/3d objects, being able to control them through the OI pallet and then create report. How complicated it is to create a custom dialog for special symbols? I went through the plugin editor. And then realized i need to use vectorscript...... is there another way?? for no programmer....??
  5. Hi Pat, In previous versions there was an option in the "create symbol" dialog to either convert to group or plug-in. It even mentioned in the help process of the current 2010. They specifically explain that a group object will be marked blue and a plugin red. However, the dialog contains only the option of converting to group. The result is a kind of plugin, marked in blue. I can change dimensions of one instance and it does not affect the others. So.... is this a group??? a plugin?
  6. It used to be in the "create symbol" options. Now i only see create group. Am i missing something? or is there a new way to create a new plug in ???
  7. I'm writing on behalf of a colleague: Had a PC with XP, upgrade VW2008 to VW2010 architect+ render. Every thing worked perfect. Software protected with dongle. SP3. specifications: Q9550 Quad 2.83 Ghz 4 GB ram 32 bit Geforce GPS250 A few days ago He formatted the computer and installed Win7. All drivers updated, including VW SP3. Problem: while saving animation, even a simple extrude, he gets immediately an error message: An unknown OS error ID#-2010 Result - can't save any animation. To test this issue: He installed the VW on a Laptop (Toshiba, Duo T6570, 2.1 GHz, 4Gb ram 32 bit). Clean computer. Win 7. Not connected to the internet (we thought it might be a virus...). Same error message. We contacted the local distributor for assistant. They said it can't be a VW problem, nor the dongle. We installed the VW on a third computer. Now with XP. Same error!!! Computer technician mentioned it might be a virus transferred through the dongle to all 3 computers. Beside of this error, the software behaves slowly, and even simple rendering and openGL are not responding well. We updated all drivers to match the Win7 system. All hardware is compatible and new. And again - until a few days it worked fine on XP. Today we un-installed the software (including the registry), and installed a new free-trial version. Same error. We reinstalled the previous VW2008 with the dongle.... Same error. This is too weird !! Can anyone think of a solution??? The local distributor refuses to replace the dongle or even the installation disc so we can check it.... Any ideas....?
  8. Thanks Mike. Roof face is pretty good. but i can't insert wall-openings.... Extrudes and other 3D's are same problem. It's not difficult to model, but its would be nice to be able to use the wall tool instead...... :-( I know that Revit has this option....
  9. Is there a way to create walls that are not 90 degrees vertical to the floor?
  10. Hi Pat, I thought that might be the issue. So i tried using the automated "dimension exterior walls" command, with specifying the dimension to edge of openings (and not center). The dimensions get the green highlight, as associated to the openings. When i change the window manually - it changes the dimensions correctly. When i change them through the worksheet - it seems like the window grows/shrinks, the dimension line still shows the green association, but doesn't change the parameters. And another window schedule question: I want to add an opening to an existing file. But all the openings are already sequenced. If i put a new opening i need to shift all the others..... Is there a quick way doing it? or manually? or through the worksheet?
  11. I have a worksheet for window schedule. It's great being able to update the window through the worksheet. However, it does not affect the dimensions attached to the object, even though they all associative. What am i missing?
  12. Any idea? someone? NNA moderators.....??? It becomes very frustrating and time consuming not beeing able to use wheel. BTY- i updated drivers. didn't help.
  13. Oh.....bummer..... NNA people not responding here??? please tell us if SP4 is on the way to fix it......
  14. OK... even stranger: The dimension does not disappear... the offset changes dramatically from 10 to 4200..... hmmmmmm.....can't figure out why...
  15. Not sure if it's a bug.... Dimensions disappearing when entered as annotation in viewport. It happens only when the dimension constrains automatically. Since it occurs that this gone wild not only to me...but to my colleagues as well, mc and pc users..... it's very strange.
  16. Having the same problem now. 2010 on XP -> worked fine. 2010 on Win 7 -> wheel zoom occasionally works, most of the time not. can't find the consistent in it. Any suggestions????
  17. Is there a way to un-constrain? I mean the green constrains.... can't find how...
  18. Hi Ken, If you have seen the section in the movie (4) you can see that the demonstration is specifically regarding roof and roof tiles. But i figured out the problem: I used a hybrid symbol. and that made a conflict with the plane. As soon as deleted the 2D object it snaps perfectly to the roof object. :-)))
  19. In the tips&tricks Tips&Tricks movie -> tip no. 4 -> aligning roof tiles to roof with the align plane tool. However, when i try doing exactly the same i get this message: "The Align Plane tool does not work with walls or roofs. They must remain oriented relative to the active layer plane." I used the exact tools order as in the movie....: roof -> set working plane tiles -> align plane. then i get the message....
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