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  1. again I'm struggling with elevation or section VP.... As far as i can see there is no way to put hatch on the sides of a floor, like a texture. That means that it needs to be edited in VP annotation. Am i missing something here? or should it be on wish list?
  2. It's just a screen view.... take a look at this zoom.... Can it be a bug? or maybe because it's a file we started at VW2008?
  3. Attached 3 images of the file: The walls have red outline so you can see them in hidden line.... The elevation is VP rendered in hidden line. I doubled check if they are co linear - they do.
  4. Sometimes an exterior wall is made of more then one type. So we make it from different wall styles and it's actually 2 or more walls in a row. In plan view it's OK, however in elevation or section it looks like segmented wall. It should look as a straight clean facade, but it's not. Do you have any solution for this? (beside of adding another cover wall.....)
  5. I would add to that: Faster render time !! sometimes it takes ages for one model, while the same model in artlantis takes minutes. As i mentioned - for us, veteran users, we already know the tricks to make it faster or use batch render over night...... But try convincing migrating users that have other alternatives that make better results. It seems that for now, the only real reason to use renderworks is for BIM. But if you don't use BIM then why.....??
  6. Hi Vincent, I'm familiar with windoor. However, the main issue is not win/doors but other elements like sanitary fixtures.
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply. Today I taught an Exhibition-studio designers who work on VW and render with Artlantis. I tried to convince them how time consuming it is to work in one program and not two. How easy and intuitive it is to make renders out of a model. It almost worked. the convincing. until i got to the texture mapping tool. It was so frustrating !!!! There is no way to convince someone to work that way !!!!!! You and I and other "old" users can adjust, although it's a pain i must say. It is inconvenient and unintuitive. But try convincing new users who has the comfortable alternative. You can add me to your petition !!! It should be a loud cry out.
  8. Thanks. I guess we just need to wait and hope for the next improvement.... :-))
  9. Thanks Peter. One of the issues here is that when i teach VP i have this enthusiasm of how great and time saving it is. But then i get to section VP and it's like back-fire. I must admit it's frustrating. How do you convince users that it still worth the effort? And maybe one more question: what is your method of working with details, such as carpentry? for example - i design a table, put it in the model. then need details in VP - plan, elevations, sections. Do you use a reference VP? different file?
  10. Thanks. I already use all those options. Still.... it's somewhat double work. You make such nice plans, prepare them for sections, and then you need to work all over the symbols. Maybe we should put it as a wish list? anyone supports this?
  11. Is there a way to create an elevation view to symbols that will look clean like the 2D/3D hybrids? As for now we need to hide classes in section-VP and insert other symbols in 2D elevation.
  12. GREAT !!! This is exactly what i was searching for... :-)))
  13. Is there a way to create a report that summarize symbols on a specific criteria, such as class or layer? As far as i can see the default option calculates everything on file...
  14. In previous versions we had the mapping preview option that allowed adjusting the texture on any object, with small preview of the selected object. Now i'm confused. The attribute mapping tool works only on walls or planar mapping (and requires change of apllying method) All other objects became un-easy to work with. And it also requires a rendering. And not all textures render well in open GL. Am i missing something here?
  15. Thanks Bohaden. We will try it. :-)
  16. It does not render well when you have double elements. It's possible to create another class and name it "invisible"... or "duplicates" and send one window to that class. But then again, you need to remember un-hide this class in viewports.
  17. Starling, This looks great!!! Can you work me through what you did?
  18. Jim, Thanks. This is one of the options we tried. The problem is that on elevation or 3D you see the connection point of the opening..... it does not look good.
  19. Jim, OzCad does have great solutions. However, i expect a software that suppose to be a leading product - to solve this elementary issue. I see you are an old user. I am only since minicad 5... and layers were always the main drafting method. And i love it. But... NNA should solve this.
  20. Pat, The "notch" movie is pretty cool. Actually....i didn't know it's possible to reshape walls that way. so thanks !!! On version 2010 we can use the create wall recess option, and then it's easier to move the hole along the window. Either way, we still have the issue of the window that needs to be drawn on both floors. It's possible to insert another window in viewport annotation, but it's a hassle. It's not a solution. It seems like great VW "forgot" something....
  21. islandmon, you are probably right.....but i didn't find it. I believe there are few solutions, but so far what we tried is not as simple as it should be.
  22. we work on a multy-story building. Each floor is on its own layer. We need to insert a window that goes across 2 layers. What will be the best way? it will need to show afterward in 2 floor plans.
  23. Hi James, That's sounds great. You gave me some perspective. I told the university that i need one semester. That will be about 12 sessions of 3 academic hours. I believe i will be able to cover advanced modeling, render, in depth plans and more. Thanks :-) Tami
  24. For the first time here in Israel we are about to open a professional training course for architecture students. Up to now i used to teach individuals or small groups. Is there a syllabus or guidelines for this kind of course? From your experience: how many hours/lessons require for students course? 1 semester is enough?
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