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  1. I tried the batch-convert command. after few files i get a popup message: "this file was created by an illegal copy of VW and now is corrupted".

    I have a legal copy with a dongel. always had! and the files mentioned are pretty new (from the past year or two, versions 2010, 2008).

    I thought maybe one file is corrupted...but it kept doing it to more files.

    I stopped the process immediately before i lose more files....

    Is this a bug???

  2. Shawn,

    The file was created by another architect on a previous version.They used simple 2D objects. They draw in 2D using openings. no textures. no classes or layers. I replaced or updated almost everything. So i doubt if it's a texture issue.

    Possible issues:

    walls -> i used their old objects but added wall styles and textures

    windows and doors -> i used what they put, but edited settings and classes.

    The render does not crash.It stops with the prompt: "error: cinema 4D not enough memory"...

  3. Hi Tasmin,

    I want to thank you again for doing your great work!!

    I always check system recommendations and try staying up-to-date. In previous versions you were still able to work fine even if you didn't have the full requirements. This time, it appears to be not a recommendation but a MUST. It is a big leap, and not "just" another upgrade. That's why i believe the emphases should be different.

  4. After reading Tamsin's article i now understand it's a must.

    Too bad NNA does not give this information as part of purchasing instructions.

    It means another 150$ or so of upgrading OS system + time spending on re-installing or formatting....grrrr....

  5. Vincent -

    My point exactly: some explanation on the "logic" of HDRI and new texture is exactly what i need..... and no where to find.

    Grant -

    I think that you have a point. Imported light objects are not working properly. It's ok to create new ones....but it could be nice that NNA would mention it before we struggle....

    Shaders are cryptic !! exactly. no idea how to handle it now. Again - a manual would be nice.....

    And no...the "help" doesn't do the work this time. there are to many variants...

  6. Hi Vincent,

    For example:

    when i open a file that i started in 2010:

    All light objects not "lit". Although in the object info they are...

    Lit fog - not working i tried creating new BG and nothing....

    Rendering options: I appreciate the reduction in the options. I understand now i can control the specific options in 'custom", but i don't understand the "meaning" of the different options....

    In textures: Again - nice change. however, i had some "tricks" using texture that now gone (for instance: to create "lit" object i used color transparency...now it's gone. But i guess there is clever way doing that.....dont know how....)

  7. I'm not so sure it's inferior.... i have a feeling that it is too much of a change - and so, it must be followed with good technical help !!!

    Unfortunately, not all of us are located near NNA headquarters....

  8. I am working on a 3D model rendering of a 3 story house.

    Whenever i try rendering (other then open GL)i get a "cinema 4D not enough memory" alert.

    if restart the computer, close all background applications - i might be able to render one view, fast render only. After this it does not render anymore...

    The file size is only 40Mb.

    I have win7 32bit, 2Gb ram,2 Duo CPU E6750 266GHz

    I ordered extra 2Gb ram (although max usage is only 3.5..).

    Is there anything else i can try?

    I worked so hard on this model, and if i can't render it's a big problem !!

  9. I started working on the 2011. After many years being used to work with lighting and render options in a certain way i now realize everything has changed.

    Lighting object do not respond as before.....

    Is there a manual elaborating how to use the new rendering options (beside the short movie in the "what's new..").

  10. We have some unresolved issues on a mac computer -

    OS 10.5.8, VW2010 architect:

    1. sketch style editor does not show a preview

    2. eyedropper tool does not work, on any variation and on any object...

    3. Hebrew support - on PC it works smoothly, but on mac it is so frustrating !!!

    simple text box can be ok with one specific font, unless you combine numbers. then it gets all messed up.

    Other tools does not accept hebrew at all: callout, PIO, spreadsheets etc.

    Before we upgrade to 2011 - is there any progress on those fields?

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