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  1. DrelARCH, Thanks for your response and the information. Sorry . I have been busy . Let me do more research on the operation system compatibility with the vectorwork fundamental 2011 and get back to you this weekend.
  2. Dear drelARCH, Thanks for your message and the information . I am not sure my old computer can install Vectorworks Fundamental 2011. My OS Is Mac OS X Version 10.5.8. I bought my computer in year 2009. Long time ago. maybe I shall buy version 2009? Do you have 2009 version Vectorworks Fundamental ? Or older version?
  3. thanks for your message. I need to double check exactly which version of Vectorworks Fundamental i need for my old mac computer. I will get back to you on Monday.
  4. WANTED: Vectorworks Fundamental - version 2011 for mac computer - disc - transferable.
  5. @Daniel L I need vector works fundamentals 2011 version. My mac computer is old, i need to double check system requirements and reconfirm shortly.
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