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  1. Thank you. I did find a way in the end. I tried going through the process again and had missed the 'scale text' check box when using the 'scale objects' command which did do the trick. Thanks again for you comment ūüôā
  2. Hello all. I'm sure this is a really easy thing to sort out but it's causing me lots of trouble. I've been given a survey file in dwg format and have imported it into Vectorworks according to my training manual (this is the first time I have needed to do this). However, it appears to be at a scale of 1:0.5. I have used the 'scale objects' command to change the size and modified the scale of the layer to 1:100 to match the rest of the document. However, this seems to clear all of the survey information such as labels, heights etc. I suspect they were unable to be scaled up so may just be 200x smaller somewhere in the layer Maybe exporting it as a pdf and scaling that is the answer but I'm going to have to do this regularly from now on so any helpful hints would be much appreciated! Thank you Andrew


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