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  1. Hahaha okay! Is there a way of copying the value from the device to the equipment by using worksheets? I tried '=TheCellThatContainsTheDeviceinfo' but doesn't seem to work...:(
  2. Hi hi I'm using the 8 custom parameters for Device info and for Equipment info. They are both exactly the same. Is there a way to link Device Info and Equipment info together so when I update my device info, it's also updated in the equipment / rack elevation? I already thought about changing the custom parameters for a record but the issue is the same... In my case i'm using custom parameters for IP adres, subnet mask etc. Love to hear what the preferred way of working is here.
  3. When you are in the device builder looking for your gear there is a field Label symbol and even with creating a new device it always goes to the generic one. Wouldn't be more logical that it remembers the setting of Label Symbol in custom devices?
  4. Hi all I know there are probably already a lot of conversations regarding this but none of them is up-to-date I think. What would be your perfect Workstation configuration. I'm looking at: - AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3975WX (32 cores version because the 64 cores is more then double the price and I don't need all the cores) - Nvidia A6000 Any tips, recommendations???
  5. Hi Probably topic 103040201 about this but I don't seem to get it fixed. I have a DWG drawing that I want to import in VWX but after the import the measurements are not correct. I don't want to scale the drawing after the import, as this is not good practice. Can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong? The DWG in attachment. My import settings so far: units: cm and I put the scale to 1:1 Thanks! A_A0_BT_100_101_300_20170508.dwg
  6. Is there a way to add data tags to connectors on a panel? I can add datatags to the actual panel but not the connectors from what I can see, is that right? I've created some custom patch panels and now making viewports of them and I want to add info to each connector so it's easy for the warehouse to prep them. A worksheet woud do the job aswel, but can't seem to find a way to list all the connectors in 1 patch panel... Thanks!
  7. Okay nvm, I found a way. 🙂
  8. Hi So in VW Spotlight you can add Datatags as Viewport annotations. Very handy to give extra information to the guys that are actual building it. I want to do the same with ConnectCad but when I create a Datatag I can only link it to the actual rack...Is there a way to link it to the actual equipment? So I can add some additional information with the equipment in the rack without the need to input everything 20 times. Below a picture of what I really want to achieve.
  9. @Conrad Preen I think we should look at a price / year to access the library like service select clients can. If the annual price is around 250 - 300 euro a lot of people don't mind paying this. I don't know if this is enough to build a case...? but I see a huge opportunity here as there is not a lot on the market and you probably received loads of requests for this. 🙂 What do you think @Luther Core?
  10. Hi Conrad I'm well aware of the extra effort this requires. Maybe it's an idea to let the VW community help in this and setup and online shared library where users can draw their own equipment and upload, available for others to download after approval from administrators. This way maintaining the library is less an effort for VW & I do think people are willing to pay the extra subscription for this.
  11. Indeed, that's exactly what would solve it and how I saw it aswel. But I don't know if it's possible to get in the next release?
  12. If we create schematic devices from a panel only the input devices are created. Any idea if there is coming an update to include outputs? Thanks!
  13. @Conrad Preen Hi Conrad In the equipment item. In attachment a picture of how I would love to see the racks in the rack elevation. I know we can double-click an equipment item and add an image, but it would be great if that goes automatically because the front view of a device never changes... Any ideas?
  14. @Conrad Preen Hi Conrad Thanks for your reply, I think I already know the answer but to double check: Can we link an image / png to the actual device? So if we create the rack in the rack elevation the image appears automatically? Thanks!
  15. I want to pick in on this, I want to achieve the same as Luther but is there a way to link the layout that i'm using in the rack layout to the actual symbol? If I add a layout on 1 device and add copy it, I have to add the PNG again... Thanks
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