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  1. When using "select similar tool" I am getting this error: "the selected activation options can't be used for this object" This is on all my plans- not a specific one.
  2. A number of my windows are "frozen" I cannot make changes to them, I cannot delete them. This glitch is only on a few in one wall. I've tried to change the style or unstyle them. Change the wall or unstyle it? They are in the floor plan but not visible in a 3D elevations? Any ideas?
  3. OH. So I had to go to view, then class....maybe that was it? There where tears over this in my glass of whisky! I'm not sure why force selecting the doors finally put me back in the none class? I'm definitely there now...and getting back on track. Thank you for responding and helping. I really appreciate it. Molly
  4. Thank you. That was not it. I did check to make sure my Layer Options were correct and my classes were turned on. Each item I force selected would go to it's class instead of the none class so I could not select individual items in one layer (walls, doors, windows). I force selected on everything and when I force selected doors it magically reverted back to the none class and allowed me to access everything on that layer. I think it had to do with a set working plane? Not sure?
  5. I have the layer and all classes turned on. Suddenly I cannot select any items such as doors, windows, etc which are on the same layer (different classes) without using a force select. When I use force select it selects the class and layer for the item and allows me to access. This happened suddenly? I wonder if working plane has something to do with it? How do I get back to being able to select everything on a layer when the classes are turned on? I notice that my class stays on NONE in other plans. But I am being forced to choose a class to be able to access the item. So frustrated!
  6. Can you tell me how to build a rake wall with a specific angle. I have walls that start at 10' tall and rise along a 1/4 and 12 pitch.
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