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  1. I am using the Video Camera option in Render Works to create color pictures. I set up the camera and then create a View Port for printing. I create the box for the View Port by following the blue outline of the camera view. Once the View Port is created I render in best quality and just get a grey box. This happens in the fastest mode as well. In the Open GL mode I get a grayish translucent image view. This is a bit intermittent and one out of 20 times or so I get a color clear image... Has anyone else seen this issue or have any suggestions as to what is going on... Thanks,
  2. Claes and Kevin, Thank you all very much. I found that the name of MTL file in the OBJ file was not named correctly. I spelled out he complete MTL file name and it worked out. I also found that in some of the OJJ files you can not edit the mesh when you import it. I tried this and lost all of the textures for the file. I guess the OBJ files are a bit hit and miss and really depends on who and how the files are created. Thanks again for your help.. This is my first time using this forum and it is very helpful. Best,
  3. I have been attemping to download 3D models in to VW 2020. The files are OBJ ext. with MTL and JPG files attached. All files are in the same folder but when attempting to download VW gives me message that it can not find the MTL file. I have checked the spelling and the OBJ and MRL names match. It seems to be a bit unpredictable in that I have had success with other OBJ files. It seems to be a bit hit and miss. Any possible explanations or experiences with importing OBJ files would be greatly appreciated .. Thanks
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