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  1. Good Morning, I don't use Onedrive, but do use Google Drive. I have set backups to be written local in a folder that isn't synced. When working on large models, I pause syncing for bandwidth reasons. Did you do a fresh install, or did you migrate settings/workspaces? That really greatly improved my user experience. The other item for me is not having too many favorites. I used to have multiple big models, but learned they were taking up system resources everytime I started VW. There is one interface item in VW that still, I think, can cause an unexpected crash. Face/edge selection. This includes the new texture tool, chamfer, extract to name a few. I mentally always save before, as well as complicated model add/subtracts. Once you find whatever conflict you might have, you will see you haven't gone backwards...
  2. Jesse, thanks so much for uploading your script; I am not sure I could have figured this one without your example. For anyone else reading, there were two steps in your code that made it work for me: FOR i:=100 TO 106 DO BEGIN {SetDefaultTexMapN(h,i,0);} SetTextureRefN(h,-1,i,0); {SetTexMapIntN(h,i,0,1,0); SetTexMapBoolN(h,i,0,7,TRUE); SetTexMapBoolN(h,i,0,3,TRUE); SetTexMapBoolN(h,i,0,4,TRUE);} END; In this step where you are "touching" the texture map in some way, for some reason this is the trick to populate the part menu in the texture tab. For it to work, looks like just one SetTex*** is required. The second item was checking IsNewCustomObject. This step allows the modification of the texture selection, mapping and anything else: IF(IsNewCustomObject(objectName)=TRUE) THEN BEGIN RemoveCustomTexParts(objectHand); AddCustomTexPart(objectHand, 1000, 'pillow'); AddCustomTexPart(objectHand, 2000, 'welt'); SetDefaultTexMapN(objectHand,1000,0); SetDefaultTexMapN(objectHand,2000,0); END; Thanks again, m
  3. Jesse, Thanks for the response. I was looking at SetTextureSet this am and added to the code, but with no effect. Based on your reply, I tried again and still no go. Would you be willing to share a little of your code so I can see if there is something else I am missing? Interesting side note. The page for SetObjExpandTexture has no reference to it being obsolete, though the Obsolete Function page does confirm you are correct. m
  4. I had some PIOs that had parts with the ability to apply different textures. Worked for many versions but is broken now. Anyone else run into this and any solutions? result := GetCustomObjectInfo(objectName, objectHand, recordHand, wallHand); SetObjExpandTexture(objectHand, TRUE); RemoveCustomTexParts(objectHand); AddCustomTexPart(objectHand, 100, 'pillow'); AddCustomTexPart(objectHand, 200, 'welt'); Above portion of the PIO. m
  5. Time for an update, @zoomer thanks, not sure if it was the workspace or the settings, but crashing has disappeared. Been moving custom plugins back and so far no issues.
  6. Any thoughts about corrupt custom plugins? m
  7. Thanks for weighing in on the crashes. Interesting about the pan comment. I have had another crash with just one file open with zoom/view change. It was a new file, but it was created with a template. Really trying to rule out any potential file corruption, so recreated from scratch to continue the trouble shooting. Planning to update this post as additional information is gathered. m
  8. Continued update, did as Zoomer suggested to restore default settings. This resolved an issue I had concerning notes and callouts not behaving correctly in every file, including new. Did some troubleshooting and this was related to entries in the saved settings: <TextDefaults> <VertAlignment>255</VertAlignment> <HorAlignment>255</HorAlignment> <VertSpacing>2</VertSpacing> <Leading>0</Leading> </TextDefaults> The default file was 1,1,1,0. Not sure if related to the crashing, but am continuing to work with defaults for the time being to understand if the stability is related to migration from previous VW issues. m
  9. I will try above, but need the right time frame; the custom plugins are part of our workflow and hard to run without. As far as backups, been running with 10 commands for over a year...
  10. Anyone else having stability issues with the new Macbook Pro and VW2022? I have experienced multiple crashes that eventually crash the entire system and restart. In all of my previous years of Intel Macs I can only recall this happening once or twice in an extreme rendering. If I force quit the program, it will not spread to the system. Part of the frustrating side effects of this, is crash logs aren't generated to send to Apple. I can't confirm the following, but it feels like it is happening on view change/zoom. Things I have tried: Just one drawing open Only 2D files Acceleration off/on VectorCaching off/on Other programs not running Additional information: Fresh OS install, did not migrate settings/programs from old Macbook I did migrate VW settings and custom plugins (do these all preload when VW starts? Should I try isolating them?) Crashing isn't related to a particular file, but probably all of the files were created in VW2021 or earlier Have tried, can't force a crash to happen Have not run VW2021 on the M1, Doesn't feel like a viable option now that we have finished updating all of our project files to 2022 Last question, why do you change file save types every year? It makes me dread the end of year task of upgrading project files and really is an issue right now.
  11. Thanks, I will take a look. For some reason, we tend to work on projects that don't always have walls at 90° to each other, so trying to maintain that aspect of the pio we use.
  12. Trying to understand how the Detail Callout Tool or the Interior Elevation Marker Tool links to a viewport. I created an interior elevation marker a few years ago that I would still prefer to use, but like the new abilities of the VW tool. m
  13. I have been looking through the sdk and the VS reference and cant fin any indication of how to link a PIO to a viewport. Anyone able to point me to documentation? m
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