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  1. Where (n) windows are going to replace (e) windows in their same openings, I create a class called "WNDO-EXIST OPG" and insert a size matched window object of the operation type "opening" into the wall. You can create a style that displays the opening as you like (showing wall linesor not, e.g.). This opening through the wall will show in plan and model whether or not you have the classes "WNDO-EXIST" and/or "WNDO-NEW" and/or "DEMO-WNDO" active (visible). For the window units themselves, I simply place them within the opening already created in the wall (make sure that Wall Insertion Mode is toggled off on the Selection Tool before you place them), and assign them whichever class is applicable. This gives me total control over correctly showing, for example, Demolition Plans, Existing Elevations v Proposed Elevations, all within one model file.
  2. As it is, I find the hatches to be too much on Elevations anyway, so I may just delete them from the Texture definition and apply them manually as annotations in the Elevation Viewports. That way I can align the textures on the model for "lineless" 3D viewing (pretty easy), and I have more control over how busy my 2D Elevation drawings appear. If, one day after a sleigh ride in Hell, VW fixes the problem, then perhaps I'll reconsider this method. Meanwhile I won't be holding my breath.
  3. It is such a simple concept (and by that I mean, "I'm no programmer, but....this is basic"), and one so critical to a functioning BIM workflow. Vectorworks' ongoing indifference to this fundamentally disruptive jank is deplorable. Not sure how much longer their users will put up with it. There are other products.
  4. It's now July 28, 2021. I don't know whether I'm using the latest service pack, but they are still showing up on my stairs. In my case, the riser rectangles are bright red; cannot not see them! Has this been resolved by VW yet?
  5. If you set the upper window(s) to be "clerestory" in the Object Info Palette (OIP), it/they will show up in plan as simplified dashed line windows in the wall, without breaks (no need to select "no break" in the OIP (I don't even know what that would be for!). If you don't want the dashed lines to show, create a class called e.g. WINDOW-CLERESTORY, put those windows in that class, and then turn that class off when in Plan view. You will then only see the lower windows and the lower wall breaks. As to how to generate a non-dashed plan view of the clerestory windows, well I'm not there yet. Stay tuned.
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