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  1. Not so much of a cut list as a running total. This is for a project where I am running LED tape, zig-zagging across a scenic element. I'm just trying to get a shortcut , so I don't have to add up each run on a notepad.
  2. the go in multiple directions, even angles
  3. So this is my first attempt at creating a worksheet, and a report. I can't seem to figure out how to populate my worksheet with the dimensions on the drawing.
  4. Pat, I just need a list of dimensions that are on a drawing. I have no symbols or objects associated with the dimensions, (they are overlaid on a PDF) Can these be done in a report, and can the repost give me a running total of all dimensions added?
  5. I am trying to create a custom report to include all dimensions on a drawing. Also is it possible to have the report sum up all the dimensions to give me a running total?
  6. I had the same issue with changing an instrument class name to what I wanted it to be. And as Joshua said, go into Spotlight preferences and untic "automatically assign the class of all lighting instruments". And that worked.
  7. So it seems like my record format just didn't save for some reason.
  8. I have created a new title block for myself. I created the layout of the title block, then created the record format. I left off where I still needed to add revision, and issue notes to it, but I wanted to stop for the day, so I created the custom style and saved the document and closed it. Today I wanting to add the revision and issue items to the TB, but here's my issue. I can still add project and sheet info, but I can't seem to find my record format. Does it disappear after you create the custom style? It's not showing up in the OIP, so how could I still add project and sheet data?
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