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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by Kevin:

    If you have VW11 you can then use the Fit Walls to Roof command to shape the tops of walls to the roof you just created.

    where is this Fit Walls to Roof command? Is it an Architect command which doesn't come with basic VW 11?

    thanks david [smile]

  2. I tried importing a Logo as a jpeg. On the screen the image looks fine, but printing the image has "ghost pixels" around the image. The compression option did not appear during the importing (PNG or JPEG). Is this image being compressed? I have imported Image files before without the ghost glow. Can not figure out want I'm doing wrong...

    thank you

  3. Katie-

    Thank you for the reply, but I'm aware of "Zoom Line Thickness" in the VW preferences. If the drawing is working in a single line mode, and I zoom out, only a part of the drawing appears to have super thick lines. Maybe the line is 12 pt. and it looks like a 60 pt. line.

  4. hello-

    Sometimes I can't get my SmartCursor to change from a cross to a slash. I have to close VW and restart. I wish you could toggle the cursor with a key to highlight the command that you are wishing to use. I waste time waiting for the cursor to choice a cross or slash-line. Is it me or the cursor? Any ideas?


    -thank you

  5. I have just read a post by Petri who says...

    Groups are put in class 'None' regardless of the class(es) of their elements or your active class.

    Well, not to worry: the matter was discussed over a year ago and yours truly offered a solution in the form of a script:

    - the group is placed in the current active class unless

    - all its members are in the same class in which case the group inherits that class.

    If you have groups with over 1000 members, you will need to change the array limit from [1..1000] to, say, [1..10000]. Old habit from the time when MiniPascal did not release memory used by arrays: I have as small arrays as possible.

    Don't ditch the normal Group command if you handle very large groups: this script may be a tad slow, because it needs to do a lot more work.

    Hope it works!

    Copy between the {----------} lines,

    say 'Create Plug-In',

    click 'New',

    type a name (eg Super Grouper);

    choose 'Command',

    click 'Script',

    say 'Paste',

    click 'OK',

    click 'Done'.

    Then use the Workspace editor to install the command (it is in category Menu commands/Miscellaneous) and possibly a keyboard shortcut.


    PROCEDURE SuperGrouper; { ? Petri Sakkinen 2002-2004 }

    { -- This is freeware but you may not remove the ? notice. Use at your own risk.-- }


    i, n : INTEGER;

    theClass, currentClass, prevClass : STRING;

    objClass : ARRAY[1..1000] OF STRING;

    obHd, gHd : HANDLE;

    allTheSame : BOOLEAN;

    PROCEDURE StoreObjectClass;


    i := i+1;

    currentClass := GETCLASS(obHd);

    objClass := currentClass;

    IF NOT(prevClass = currentClass) THEN allTheSame := FALSE;

    prevClass := currentClass;


    PROCEDURE RestoreObjectClass;


    SETCLASS(gHd, theClass);

    obHd := FINGROUP(gHd);


    i := i+1;

    SETCLASS(obHd, objClass);

    obHd := NEXTOBJ(obHd);




    i := 0;

    allTheSame := TRUE;

    theClass := ACTIVECLASS;

    obHd := FSACTLAYER;

    prevClass := GETCLASS(obHd);



    obHd := NEXTSOBJ(obHd);



    i := 0;

    gHd := LSACTLAYER;

    IF allTheSame THEN SETCLASS(gHd, currentClass) ELSE RestoreObjectClass;




  6. I have read the user's guide, but would like to hear how other users have set-up their drawings. We are using VW strictly right now as a 2D drawing program, and I would like to hear how someone would use the sheet/class/layer. Could you describe a typical sheet in your VW file?

    Thank You

  7. Hello-

    I started working in an office that was drawing on the board originally, and we started using VW. I have been using AutoCad for about 10 years and I'm trying to de-program myself with "AutoCad-way-of-thinking".

    My Question:

    What is the best way to drawing a floor plan if it is going to be used for more than one drawing?

    In AutoCad I could create a Window to change the scale and position of the drawing on the sheet.

    How would I do something like that in VW?

    -Thank You

  8. Hello-

    Printing on the HP deskjet9650 I have come across a little problem that I would like to correct. We are running VW 10.5.1 and downloaded the latest upgrade for the printer.

    The Problem- The "Set Print Area" is set to a D size sheet and the "Page Setup" is 11x17. VW9 we have no problem matching the sheets together, but in VW10 there is about a 3/8" gap that is missing from the prints. I have tried adjusting the margins with no-luck. I have called VW a few times, and I have called HP. Whats going on here?

  9. We are using VW10/OS10.2.8/hp deskjet 9650...

    We would like to print a full scale D size sheet, but print out 11x17 sheet and then paste them together. There is no problem using the "Set Print Area" and "Page Setup". The HP printing is able to print edge to edge, but it is leaving a 3/8" gap between the pages. We would like to print edge to edge and match the pages together without the missing linework! can you help? [Confused]

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