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  1. Is there a database that has plant images preloaded or do you have to do this manually everytime?
  2. I think you are right Pat, It's likely that I just don't think the same way as this program. I've done the essentials training, watched countless youtube videos and had some one on one training. For some reason I'm just really having a hard time with the learning curve. Everytime I think I'm on the right path some new roadblock pops up and I'm off to youtube again for what seems like hours. I don't even know how to communicate what is going wrong or what questions to ask. I honestly wish I wouldn't have created this post, but I can't find a way to delete it.
  3. I couldn't imagine being more frustrated with a software, I've been trying to do a simple landscape planting plan and its making my hair fall out! Why do they make everything so difficult??? and their answer is to read through the help manuals which are EXTREMELY difficult to follow, or else, pay $150/ hour for training. Completly disapointed in my decision to buy this software. I'm sure the moderator wont approve this post.


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