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  1. I've used the extrude along path method to add molding to my model, but I haven't figured out how to trim it away from doors and openings. From what I've gathered, I have to select a closed "path" and molding profile and then extrude along path. Is there a different method for adding molding without having it blocking doorways and stair openings?
  2. I have models created in Sketchup that I want to include in my Lumion file. Do I have to save my files a specific way to be able to explode imported models and adjust textures? I have had success doing so with some models but others have pieces that will not allow me to select textures.
  3. When using Lumion live sync I'm noticing that the textures show correctly in Lumion when the design layer is selected in VW. For example I can see the ceiling layer's textures correctly in Lumion when that layer is selected and visible in Vectorks, but as soon as I switch to kitchen layer, the ceiling is all gray with "no defined texture" in Lumion. Is there a way for all of the textures to show up correctly on both ends, or do I need to adjust the design layers in VW?
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