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  1. Lets no forget the one that comes with Vw I used it for quite some time, just had to remember to close the files when not working (lunch, brakes, phone, etc) Copy from the Log file, paste in a worksheet and pars through it.
  2. http://www.vectorworks.net/bim/project.php?id=9
  3. http://www.vectorworks.net/bim/project.php?id=9
  4. For those in 2013 you can use a script in this thread http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=35797&Number=181308#Post181308
  5. Select circle tool by radius > click on center > press tab > type your perimeter followed by /2/3.1416 > press enter That should do it
  6. Its a good practice that when drawing stairs, you should start by selecting the style for the intended use (either on Vw 2011 or newer) on v2011 you can create a style with broader boundaries and use it if your stair does not need to follow any code rules as mentioned before, otherwise select the appropriate code rule (always good to check the latest code ruling to match the intended style) on v2013 you have a checkbox to select whether you what to use min/max values or not.
  7. This scrip will do the trick http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=35797&Number=181308#Post181308
  8. You can create 2 window ID classes (Window>Spec 1 & Window>Spec 2) Tag your bottom and right windows with one class and the other class for the other two sides. This will give you control through the classes on off. for now!
  9. Truck Space should be available to VSS US in a few weeks Enjoy!
  10. I see it as an issue, i'll report it and should be resolved by sp4. Regards, -JC
  11. Can you upload a working file from a prior version
  12. zal, My apologies if you felt alluded, I did say "many users" not "all users". Through the years I've seen this as a common mistake for large files size. I've also found that there is not one single package solution that will satisfy everybody's needs they all have its good and bad. VW is always working on improving, some issues take longer than others but they are on the ToDo list.
  13. I've seen many users produce large files, usually they can be stream down by making symbols out of repetitive objects and use the parametric tool when ever possible -JC
  14. You can use your VW help and query "workgroup reference" It will show you two ways of referencing, the "Design layer viewport" way is your best bet
  15. This is how I have done it only adding two new classes to the VW class standard "Existing" and "Demo" 1.) Draw your existing Building in class "Existing" and corresponding layers (slabs, floors, roof) 2.) Select your Existing Objects> Duplicate > Group > re-class to "Demo" > send to back and lock 3.) Now you are ready to start clipping, deleting the existing and drawing the New in their corresponding classes in each layer Sure you can add more classes to have more control but I have found that the simpler the easier to manage. -JC BTW I also do as DWorks
  16. I took a drive through Revit forums and I'm very happy to be a Vectorworks user. lol
  17. To convert 2d contours from shp files you can use this script { ///////// Convert Contour Polylines and polygons imported from a GIS ShapeFile to 3D Polys and set height from Record Elevation, assumes Record Field for height to called ELEV /////// © 2012 Nemetschek Vectorworks. Distribute freely. (*jcf*) /////////////} PROCEDURE GISContoursTo3DPolys; {main} PROCEDURE my_polyline(H:HANDLE); VAR My_Poly: HANDLE; BEGIN My_Poly := ConvertTo3DPolys(H); END; PROCEDURE My_Height(H:HANDLE); VAR HT:REAL; BEGIN HT := Str2Num(GetRField(H,GetName(GetRecord(H,1)),'ELEV')); HT := HT*12; Move3DObj(H,0,0,HT); END; BEGIN foreachobject(HUngroup,T=GROUP); foreachobject(my_polyline,T in [POLYLINE,POLY]); foreachobject(HUngroup,T=GROUP); foreachobject(My_Height,T=POLY3D); END; Run (GISContoursTo3DPolys) ;
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