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  1. As Jonathan explained, it is about file settings, I would extend a little furder and add that this involves Stories and Levels to automate some of the processes, here is a sample of how this can be achieve http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/bim/2018-sykesville-res-allfiles1525125594.zip HTH
  2. Hi Chris, attach is a barn door done as Zoomer described, pay attention to the flip and offset for the door positioning Also keep an eye on the Marionette forum in the next couple of weeks... Barn_Doors_v2018b.vwx
  3. Try importing all layers including objects to a new file if that does not work Contact Tech Support
  4. You are right controlling the Upper Floor notes on the Lower Floor layer is odd, I just got used to it (not good), I will write an enhancement request There should be handles for each of the Runs and Notes, in your case I would think that they are stacked on top of each other BTW The Stair object does not play well with mirroring nor flip, use the radio buttons on the general panel of the Stair settings HTH
  5. It sounds accurate Use the center or right interactive mode in the tool bar, that should activate the blue handles
  6. There should be a blue handle, click and drag HTH
  7. I would recommend using the same Railing Fence Tool in the second mode in the Tool Bar HTH
  8. I assuming that something like this is what you are looking for. You may need to play around to get the exact modulus HTH Foundation_Wall_Xi.vwx
  9. Very good! Bounces= 3 all settings to Low - No Textures - light source just the heliodon - Foreground = Hidden line Careful
  10. Select the window(s) and flip them with the button in the OIP HTH
  11. I do concur with Tom, and if there is no issues on renumbering in DD and/or CD I would still update them, the clip shows the technic I would use HTH Last_Minute_Schedule_Update.mp4
  12. As of Vw 2018 a new feature has been added that may help this situations, now the component of a Wall Style can be overwritten. See attached screenshots for Story setup and Wall style overwritten HTH
  13. There is a document in the Vectorworks web page that can help you http://www.vectorworks.net/bim > How > Training > Get Started > Model Setup Tutorial or direct download http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/bim/model-setup-tutorial1490810240.zip HTH
  14. For Symbols attach the Ifc entity directly to the symbol through the Resource Manager HTH
  15. For the dislocated objects, attach the Ifc entity before you group them, if you have multiple objects with different Ifc entities use from the AEC dropdown menu "IFC Zones, Systems and Groups..." to create any of these. As for the windows, the window is there, the frame cuts the wall the glass doesn't, reinserting it and flipping it some times fixes it, I will write a bug for it. HTH
  16. Have to ask – Are all windows inserted in walls? If yes, could you send me a file with the wall and windows you are showing, for testing. Thank you
  17. Have you tried using the Resource Manager Favorites? HTH JC
  18. If something like in the picture bellow works for you, it can be added through the Workspace Editor to the Object Context Menu Folder. HTH JC
  19. I totally understand, I also like to draw things one time and expect them to be graphically correct in all my plans, here is my work flow; Rules: 1.) For all objects make all attributes “By Class” 2.) There is no rule that says Stack Viewports Not Allowed. Viewport possibilities: for Layers; On/Off/Grayed, alter staking order, for Classes; On/Off/Grayed, Override Class attributes (this will only be possible if you comply with rule #1.) Some times there are several objects with the same class in different layers and there is a graphical need for some of them that are in a different layer to be represented differently, Divide and Conquer, you can stack viewports (rule #2), yes there will be some initial setup, however it will payoff when you modify things. Sample bellow: a simple roof that traverses two floors, all objects have only been drawn once. 1st floor has a stack VP for the 2nd Slab with a class override 2nd floor has stack Vp's for the roofs with class overrides Roof has Layer stacking order and class overrides HTH JC
  20. Would Class Override in Viewports work for you?
  21. Here is another idea; Do the same Wall Style as Jim Smith and set the Wall class pen attribute to none and follow steps bellow
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