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  1. There is a document in the Vectorworks web page that can help you http://www.vectorworks.net/bim > How > Training > Get Started > Model Setup Tutorial or direct download http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/bim/model-setup-tutorial1490810240.zip HTH
  2. For Symbols attach the Ifc entity directly to the symbol through the Resource Manager HTH
  3. For the dislocated objects, attach the Ifc entity before you group them, if you have multiple objects with different Ifc entities use from the AEC dropdown menu "IFC Zones, Systems and Groups..." to create any of these. As for the windows, the window is there, the frame cuts the wall the glass doesn't, reinserting it and flipping it some times fixes it, I will write a bug for it. HTH
  4. Have to ask – Are all windows inserted in walls? If yes, could you send me a file with the wall and windows you are showing, for testing. Thank you
  5. Have you tried using the Resource Manager Favorites? HTH JC
  6. If something like in the picture bellow works for you, it can be added through the Workspace Editor to the Object Context Menu Folder. HTH JC
  7. I totally understand, I also like to draw things one time and expect them to be graphically correct in all my plans, here is my work flow; Rules: 1.) For all objects make all attributes “By Class” 2.) There is no rule that says Stack Viewports Not Allowed. Viewport possibilities: for Layers; On/Off/Grayed, alter staking order, for Classes; On/Off/Grayed, Override Class attributes (this will only be possible if you comply with rule #1.) Some times there are several objects with the same class in different layers and there is a graphical need for some of them that are in a different layer to be represented differently, Divide and Conquer, you can stack viewports (rule #2), yes there will be some initial setup, however it will payoff when you modify things. Sample bellow: a simple roof that traverses two floors, all objects have only been drawn once. 1st floor has a stack VP for the 2nd Slab with a class override 2nd floor has stack Vp's for the roofs with class overrides Roof has Layer stacking order and class overrides HTH JC
  8. Would Class Override in Viewports work for you?
  9. Here is another idea; Do the same Wall Style as Jim Smith and set the Wall class pen attribute to none and follow steps bellow
  10. A referenced DLVP is a container just like a Symbol, currently Vw does not have Styled Symbols and a direct connexion like the one you described is not possible, however if your interest is just a graphical appearance here is one way of doing it; 1.) Have the Unit join all the walls to the exterior and party walls as you would like to see them 2.) Select all the interior walls > Group > Convert to Symbol. 3.) Use Symbol for the units, if used in front of exterior walls the unit internal wall will appear to be cutting the exterior walls. Hope this helps JC
  11. Currently the best way to approach the issue is to have a wall style with all the components you normally use or are common to your area saved to your office standard folder (All Components WS), then any time you need a new wall style you can duplicate the All Components wall style and delete the unused components since it is easier to delete a component than to create a component. Hope this helps! JC
  12. "One issue I did have with the FBX model being imported were you could see through the back of some wall so you needed to set up the file correctly" Alan, when this happens reverse the normals
  13. Have you tried to set classes to the different components and for the top/plan view override the attribute fill to none of the handrail class
  14. Will Go to File>Export>Export IFC Project... From the dialog box select Data>Export Options and then select "COBie/Facilities Management" from the Model View: dropdown menu. Don't forget to do the Layer Mapping before you select OK. You will have then an Ifc file, if you want to see this file in spread sheet form you would have to install the COBie Tool Kit. Hope this helps
  15. I would suggest to draw in screen plane mode in the DL the objects that you intent to cut and paste in to a SLVP annotations for this workflow to work
  16. If the objects that you want to change their attributes in VP section are drawn by class attribute you can override those classes in the viewport and then you can use the eyedropper transfer these class settings from one section VP to another Hope this helps JC
  17. Hi Amelia, Save your Slab file in the User Folder>Libraries>Defaults>Walls~Slabs and that should do it! Best, JUan
  18. For your 2nd question I will assume what you are looking for is a half size set 11x17(45%) Printing 36x24 sheets on 11x17 paper If you are on a Mac when you select print select the tab for paper handling and check Fit to Page If you are no Windows when you select print select properties > effects and select print to fit Hope it helps
  19. If you want to edit in section mode you may want to use the Clip Cube
  20. You can use the "Replace with Symbol" command from the modify > Convert drop down pallet after creating the new trees in the Resource Browser
  21. As Jonathan described, Workgroup referencing is intended to reference a file that you are not going to touch, however if you have the urge to fiddle with the 3rd party's file you may want to have an intermediate file where you will import the 3rd party's file > fiddle with it and then reference it, but be aware of the "BUS" If you just want to override their classes and their Layers (classes) are standard you could use the Standard Naming in the Document Settings and edit one of the users to your liking
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