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  1. As Pat mentioned C1 has to be a number, then you can try this =IFS(C1<=1500, '5', C1>=5000, '9',(C1>1500) & (C1<5000), '8') HTH
  2. In the Window settings, General pane, Configuration setting select the "Custom..." option, then play with with the Custom Configuration Options. HTH
  3. With the Custom Stair selected in a 3D view <Control U> (PC) <Command U> (Mac) > OK converts to 3d objects Extrudes and 3D Polygons, this allows to edit the individual pieces. HTH
  4. This Is the closest I could get using the old Custom Stair, from here you can ungroup and finish modeling it. HTH squared spiral staircase.vwx
  5. @CAD Cadet Glad it's working for you, soon it will be much better https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap !
  6. @Tom W. On the bottom right set the height and width to 0 Window Custom.vwx
  7. @CAD Cadet It is possible, it's just not the friendliest option! In the Window Tool General > Custom Configuration Options. But don't loose hope, we are working on it https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap Window 2 top awnings.pdf
  8. A condition can be added in this case 'WallStyle-2' is the wall that is getting a record
  9. @KWiley Happy New Year! In the attached file you can find a simple small sample of a Record attached through the Data Manager and a formula applied to one of the record fields to automate an output. Reading through the thread I understand this was a manual process for you with the exception of the attached Record to the Style Object, the same can be accomplished with the Data Manager, further more and the beauty of it, is that the process can be automated through formulas (same as in worksheets) making the process faster and less prone to errors Hint, use worksheets to check your formulas HTH Record to styles.vwx
  10. it’s a regression, If you can please report it Thanks
  11. @Christiaan Would this be close enough?
  12. Hope this sort clip can clarify the texture control in your walls. Wall Texture By Component_By Object.mp4
  13. Hi, Edit the Material and check the Report as Component Area in the Construction Tab. HTH
  14. Can you send me a file with an object that behaves properly or close and one that doesn't and list some parameters that you like to see
  15. Hi Henrique, You have to attach the IFC record to the symbol at the Resource level (Right click on the Symbol), in you case would be IfcFurnishingElementType then mark/check the IFC entities/Psets that are to be used and fill the Property Values as desired HTH
  16. I encountered the same issue and reported it as bug, the current workaround that I found, it is that the light is aiming 90° down meaning perpendicular to the ground, if the light is tilted 0.01° then the light rotates with the symbol. HTH
  17. There is a call (GetFPathName) but my scripting capabilities have gone south, maybe Pat can chip in @Pat Stanford
  18. Yes you can customize the Data Stamp to show just the file address, checking for file path
  19. Is something like this (On the Vw file) what you are looking for? Its a Data Tag looking for the x/y coordinate of an object HTH XY.vwx
  20. This data can be added to your Title block or if you want to use it randomly anywhere the Data Tag will be the tool for this
  21. Please add Hardware, OS and Vw version
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