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  1. What a surprise!! Because, even if a take a bumper with hit's record from the premium library, in a new blank document, (so I don't modify it) the fields of the records are not text but number... Am I oblige to modify the records every time I load a new symbol?
  2. Next step: I modify the 3D geometry of the speaker, and now, it seems good! The original symbol: Modify symbol: And the result with the lineArray Tool: Now it's running! Best, Charlot
  3. Hi @C. Andrew Dunning, Thank you for your answer! It is a little better, but not completely true. I have modify the bumper record in millimeter: After, I change "Is Tilt Ref Front" to true: So, It is a little better, but I can't use it on a plot, it is too incorrect: I think the geometry of the S10 speaker is not correct, what do you think about that? Many thanks, Charlot
  4. Hi, I have a problem with the Adamson S10 and the LineArray Tool. The geometry is not good... What I understand: 1/ there is a mistake on the records, the unity is centimeters and not millimeters 2/ Even if I modify this, is still not right 3/ I read in the Vectorworks manual there is a XML file attach with the LineArray tool, but I don't know how to modify it to make this line array ok.. Maybe you can help me? Many thanks, Charlot
  5. Hello, Up for this topic... Is there any way to do that? Many thanks! Charlot
  6. Hi everybody, I have found the solution to this topic, So if someone is looking for this problem, try it! Apply this criteria: And as you can see, the non-horizontal hanging position is now colored! Best, Charlot
  7. Hi @JBenghiat and @markdd, Thanks for your time to try to help me! @JBenghiat I am running VW on the lastest SP (VW 2021, SP3.1) Accessories have weight, and in fact, the WeightDouble on the lighting device OIP is the sum of the weight: device AND accessories. So it is correct at this time. But, as @markdd mentions as well, this value doesn't return correctly to the worksheet. Maybe someone of the VW team can explain to us what's happening? Best Charlot
  8. Hello Joshua, Thanks a lot for your help! But, it doesn't work, and I don't understand why, because the worksheet returns some value with this formula, but it is the simple weight of the light device... Any idea? Thanks a lot! Charlot
  9. Hi everybody, I have in my plot some light devices with accessories (clamp). I can see the total weight at the and of the OIP, but how I can return this raw in a worksheet please? Many thanks! Best, Charlot
  10. Hi, I have an issue when I add claw accessories to lighting devices. On the IOP, DMX address is 0, and it's right, because it is only a claw. But, when I patch the device, the claw has the footprint of the device, and it generates an overlap with the device... Any solution? Thanks, Charlot
  11. It is crazy. I don't know what's wrong on my work, but I have not the same result as you... Top/plan and Wireframe Top view (3d) and wireframe Best solution (for the moment): Top view (3d) and "only visible lines" If someone can explain to me why my top/plan is different than Mark's one, I buy you a bottle of champagne :)! Regards, Charlot
  12. Thanks @markdd ! Of course, data visualization works very well with hanging position. As you can see in the first post of this thread, all truss are hanging position, and they're colored. "Plug-in objects " was already enabled. I forgot to mention that I am working on a sheet layer. It seems this issue doesn't exist on a design layer. On the sheet layer, non-horizontal hanging position is black on Top/Plan view and wireframe render, but the other truss are colored by the data visualization. If the view is Top, all truss or hanging position are black (horizontal or not) The only solution to have all hanging position and truss colored is Top view, OpenGL render, and it has a very bad resolution. Or using Truss-Simplified class and change the color of the pen... But in this case, I am obliged to create one new class for each new model of truss... I am sending back your file with a sheet layer, if you have time to check and confirm what I see... Thanks a lot, Charlot Truss and Data Visualization V2.vwx
  13. @markdd & @jcogdell , thanks to take time to help me! So, I've made some test. First, I must specify than all truss are Hanging Position. I do that because that's the only solution I know to recover the total weight of the truss in a worksheet. (see this thread: What I understand: If it's a truss without converting it to hanging position, and if fill and pen are linked, it's ok. if the truss is converted to hanging position, and the Truss-Simplified class is off, the non-hoizontal hanging position is only black if the truss is converted to hanging position, and the Truss-Simplified class is on, the non-hoizontal hanging position takes the fill color of the Truss-Simplified class. That's why on the first post of this thread, it's appairs in blue. So, for the moment, I've these choices: no convert truss to hanging position, but I don't know how to recover the total weight of the truss in a worsheet (for the moment) edit each truss to create a specific Truss-Simplified by truss model, and change the fill color of this new class for every data visualisation (not very fast...) Have you got some other solution to suggest to me, please? Many thanks for your help! Charlot PS: please note that my wife isn't here today, and she usually correct my post in english...
  14. Hi @markdd, Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, your proposal doesn't work. I have tried it, and the non horizontal truss stay with the wrong color. Moreover I wouldn't use Truss / Type, because, as you can see for the Video Truss, there are 2 different models with the same type, so if I do that, I can't show this on the Viewport. Currently, on the plot, the criteria is Truss Records / Model Name. But your proposal made me think of another solution: I've attached a Truss Record to the new 3d symbol, with the same name as the original. It still doesn't work...
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