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  1. Many thanks for all your replies. I'll write a proper reply shortly! John
  2. I work in a local government office where we architects use VectorWorks Architect while the structural, electrical and mechanical engineers use AutoCAD. I have been asked why we should not change to AutoCAD and to produce a report giving my reasons. We want to stay with VectorWorks Architect! While I have a few good answers, I have little knowledge of AutoCAD, so any suggestions that help our cause would be most welcome. Thanking you all in anticipation! John
  3. Thanks Jim. I used standard rectangles to create the viewports, but they still disappeared. I have been able to print on an HP A3 printer at 50% and will have the drawing photocopied at 200%. Not a good way to do it, but at least it's done and it works! I'm beginning to think it's the way VW interacts with our HP DesignJet 800PS printer drivers.
  4. We are having exactly the same problem as you mention in your first paragraph, using VW 11.5.1 onto an HP DesignJet 800PS with both the postscript and non-postscript drivers on Windows XP. Was any solution found? We are new to Viewports so it might be something silly we've missed!
  5. I'm using VW 9.5.3 in OSX 10.2.4 and after leaving a document open and unused for a while I'm told "You have been placed in demo mode due to a xxxx violation" (sorry, can't remember what the word xxxx was) This leaves me unable to carry on working. I have a USB dongle plugged into the back of my Apple Studio Display. Restarting seems to solve the problem. Would rather not have the problem in the first place. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
  6. I've found that if you re-boot into OS 9.2.2 (not classic) my VectorWorks 9.5.3 works as normal. Yes, it's not very convenient but it works!!!
  7. i have installed this dongle driver dated March 2002 without success. I understand from tech support that Apple changed a grep file which the dongle relies on. I'm still waiting to hear of a proper fix for Jaguar.
  8. Thank you for the prompt reply. What is strange is that VW worked fine at first. I've remembered I also had an error message about Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect could not continue followed by "the program you are using needs to use a system file that may reduce the security of your computer. The file is 'SymOSXKernelUtilities.kext' The choice was fix and use, use or don't use. Don't use made no change so I tried fix and use and restarted. The same message came up regarding the file 'DeleteTrap.kext' I recall that files like these caused my original Dongle posting.
  9. My original problem has just re-occured. I have upgraded (?) from Mac OSX 10.1.5 to 10.2 (Jaguar) installed the Apple security update and the VW 9.5.3 update. Everything worked fine until I re-started the next day. The dongle is illuminated, my details appear in the VW splash screen and my serial number is in its box, but I'm in demo mode. Any suggestions?
  10. Paul,I Installed the new dongle driver when I installed 9.5.1 then re-started straight away but without success.I am the sole user and owner of this Mac and there are no networked items so I set the preferences to login myself automatically. I am also the administrator, of course. Why are Adobe Online Prefs and CDDB Prefs showing as VectorWorks files??? (CDDB is the database iTunes uses to find music track names, but I assume you know that) I've moved them onto the desktop but it made no difference. Deleting the VW preferences file still leaves me in Demo Mode after re-booting with no name or company in the splash screen. I reverted back to auto login. Keep the suggestions coming!Thanks John M
  11. To Katie Roberts Do you have any further information for me please?
  12. The VW dongle is the only dongle I have. It's now plugged into my keyboard and glowing red since I launched VW in Classic mode, so I know it's not faulty (?) I have also tried other USB ports but with no success. I've just tried re-installing VW in OS X after deleting the previously installed copy. I filled in my name etc. when asked, but it will still only work in demo mode. One weird thing: I was looking through my user/library/preferences folder and found Apple's iTunes CDDB prefs was showing as a VW document with the old MiniCad style icon! Regards John M
  13. I did have VW 9.5 running in OSX 10.1 but following a complete re-install of my hard disk, VW will now only run properly in Classic mode. If I launch in OS X, I'm forced into Demo mode. I understand that there is an issue with MacHASP dongles but not the HASP4 dongle I'm using. Has Apple changed something on the way to version 10.1.3 or is there a secret to loading 9.5 on a Mac that I've missed this time around? Running a G4 450DP and 768MB of memory. All suggestions welcome!
  14. Our office is unable to run Word 97 with VW 8.5.2 on PCs using Windows 95 and 64MB RAM / Celeron 366 processor. Word always crashes. Any suggestions welcome!


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