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  1. thanks for the quick response i'm relieved to hear that. greets from germany shadi
  2. im very new to vectorworks so i failed on this problem: i created two 3d nurbs curves and a profile to create a solid using the loft surface tool (birail sweep mode). the result seems not to be a correct curve. in a very large zoomed view (even in "final quality renderworks"), the "curve" seems to have rough edges. this model will be milled on a cnc-machine, so i need to know if it's just a display-problem and the internal data is correct, or if i'm doing something wrong. thanks for help ... shadi
  3. hi, is it possible to render an object with "final quality renderworks" and show at the same time the wireframe lines which are visible in this view? or should i render both (wireframe and renderworks) and overlay them with photoshop. like here: http://www.nemetschek.net/3Dpowerpack/gfx/bathtub.jpg thanks for help shadi
  4. thank you! ... greets from germany shadi
  5. how to draw a gear? i drew a small prong (like a triangle) out of two composed lines and a circle (converted to nurbs) and tried to duplicate the prong along the circle, but the result looks very displaced ... thanks for help! shadi
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