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  1. The dimension type can be found via following function: gSDK->GetObjectVariable(dimObject, ovDimClass, TVariableBlock) The mapping of the types can be found in "MiniCadCallBacks.h", as well as other specifiers (e.g. ovDimFontStyle) , if you are looking for other properties of the dimension object. // (fix_ang) = 0, // (sloped) = 1, // (ordinate) = 2, // (radial) = 3, // (diametrical) = 4, // (ang) = 5;
  2. There is a number of different "dimension types" like unconstrained linear dimension tool or angular dimension tool. I am trying to get the exact type of the dimension object (not just 63 - "dimHeaderNode") size_t typeN = gSDK->GetObjectTypeN(obj1); //returns 63 - dimHeaderNode The reason I am doing this is the possibility to recreate the dimension later with one of the following functions: gSDK->CreateLinearDimension() gSDK->CreateCircularDimension() gSDK->CreateAngleDimension() gSDK->CreateChainDimension() Basically what I would like to know is if the given object is a linear, circular, angle or chain dimension.


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