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  1. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem as Tom W. Has the bug VB-178135 ever got sorted out? Do we have some resolution/advice?
  2. Correction: My optimism was once again a little premature. The feature still behaves very erratically when used, and most of the time I'm not able to achieve what it promises to deliver. I have attached another video showing the different combination of snapping options. Any suggestion or workaround would be most appreciated! Fence in 3D not working.mov
  3. After posting this, I had some success with using the tool again. Seems that the problem was with having Snap to Grid turned on.
  4. I'm trying to create a fence in 3D following the Site Model contours, but no matter what snapping setting I use, it always snaps to the layer plane below (even with Snap to Working Plane deactivated). I have tried various combinations, e.g. turning on all Smart Cursor Setting for Object. The strange thing is that randomly in a new file I can model the fence in 3D following the Site Model contours, but not in files saved previously. Not sure what the pattern here is. Does anyone have some advice? Screen Recording 2021-02-04 at 4.32.11 pm 4.MOV
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