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  1. Today I downloaded the software and - WOW! There was a webinar today provided that showed wonderful aspects and great details that can be shown on plans. I can't believe I haven't tried it before now. I imported a Dynascape plan that I converted to a .dwg and had all the hidden objects appear. This is so interesting I hope I can spend as much time as I need to get up and running. The possibilities seem quite limitless and it is wonderful to have the chance to try this out. Becoming fluent with this and incorporating Twinmotion so I can show rain and traffic movement and sounds along with new people is just what I was looking for. Thanks to everyone for the assistance offered in this group!
  2. Eric, Thanks for the good information, it is what I was actually looking for - I would very much like to see a demo. Thank you for your offer and meeting others in this area would also be a very nice thing to do. Please let me know how to go about taking you up on your offer.😀
  3. Thanks for replies Jeff & Eric, I am grateful to get 1 reply and when I saw 2 - well I am very happy to have found this group! So, currently I use a 2D CAD program (Dynascape) - I pull from that a file to implement in Realtime Landscape Architect as a blue print to build my house or any other structure along with hardscapes and softscape landscape design options - adding people and vehicles and other assets - outdoor kitchens - swimming pools, water fall and fire features - etc. From that software I get renderings and there is a camera option to make flyover videos. (similar to a drone taking videos) From that production, I send to a video software where I add notes, music, and other objects. After viewing Vectorworks Architecture - Designer - and Landmark It appears that I could do everything I am doing with the 3 different software packages in 1 Vectorworks package but I am not sure and if so, which one should I go with? An associate had mentioned Lumion but that would mean going from Dynascape with it's piggyback (Sketch3D) to Sketchup and then importing it into Lumion. Who wants to run through 3 software packages if there is 1 that can do it all? Thanks again gentlemen 🙂
  4. Hello, I have been researching for a more improved software package and would like to know if anyone is using VW for flyover landscape designing. If so, which version do you use? If you have a link to a viewable file, that would be excellent. Thank you for your time and assistance. Susan Hutson
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