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  1. I did it, I flippen did it, chuffed to bits. Although to be fair, I'm not sure how, lol. Thank you. busy watching a video about vertex right now.
  2. Thank you, Ill start now as I really want this to work. much appreciated. Is there a Facebook page that you you might belong to that I may join?
  3. Hi Michael thanks for the help. I have in fact got as far as you have explained, but I am struggling to change the shape, in my mind, I think I am supposed to be able to select a "node" and then manipulate the shape, I manage to get as far as you have explained but fail to actually change the shape for some reason. Do you know of any videos I could watch?
  4. Hi everyone. I am brand new to Vectorworks and have downloaded the trial version in the hope that I can teach myself so that I might be able to draw up plans for the company I work for. Attached is an image of a Playground I put together using Corel Draw which I can use very well, but its not able to scale like CAD software, plus I need to be able to import CAD files, rather than convert them to PDF and then edit. Anyway, I have tried to draw the same polygon, but I am struggling to reshape the curve between points A and D, and I have looked at videos, I just cannot find what I am looking for, please help. I have attached two files, the jpeg, is exported from Corel to show what I am trying to achieve, and the other is the Vectorworks Landmark file I am struggling with, as you can see I have managed to import the Google Image to trace the line of the area to be worked. I would be extremely grateful if anyone help.... go easy, Im still getting to grips with the terminology in Vectorworks ūüėČ Thanking you all in advance Safron Waldon VW Draft-Backup-20201128125134.vwx


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