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  1. Jeff I was able to download a trial version of recap to my wife's PC and open the file really cool, however I was unable to save it as anything else, it was saying I had to go through AD cloud computing to change the file type. not sure where to turn on this now, I am doing this for a theatre so funds do not necessarily flow freely. If I knew how that system worked I would probably just do it myself but I have no idea how many cloud computing credits something like this would take. I was hoping VW had an import option. Thank you for your assistance
  2. Is there a means to take a recap file and support and import into VW? the file is .rcp and the support folder has .diff .lit .rcc .rcs .thumbnail files in a support folder Thank you for any help Tom Thomas Cowdery, PMP Thomas.Cowdery@ME.com IATSE Local #15 Journeymen "This ain't no dress rehearsal we are professionals and this is the big time" Waylon Jennings
  3. If you have not found some feel to give me a call, I have just had a large project cancel. Thomas.cowdery@me.com
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